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This month in The Overworld: Crab Sound

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Nestor Ovilla, also known as Crab Sound, is a Chiptune music producer and the founder of one of the first music collectives in his home country of México. Interestingly enough, he is also an illustrator, writer, and experimental photographer. Born in Tuxla Gutierres, the capital of the Chiapas state on the year 1991, he was always drawn to experimental art.

Crab Sound posing with a gameboy, his instrument of choice.

Crab Sound posing with a Game Boy, his instrument of choice.

On 2010, he started working with producing and programming his own EDM tracks, an activity that flourished with several projects besides of Crab Sound that he still continues up to this day. Self described as “A boy who inhabits an ice mountain, inventing sounds to make the robots and mutants break into dance”, here’s what he had to say about Chiptune.



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The new year is in full swing – MAGFest has come and gone, Chipwrecked is preparing for another great lineup, and we’ve already got a few fun 2019 chiptune releases! But such an active community also makes for a lot you may have missed, and I’d like to give the last year a final sendoff before moving onto this one. I’m proud of the work I did in 2018, but there was a lot I didn’t get to talk about as well. This scene is bursting with music to enjoy and appreciate, so while I can only cover a small portion of it, I’d like to try and spotlight some tunes that deserve the attention.

Naturally, I will be doing this in the silliest way possible.

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