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‘uWIN’ Full Review

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, thrilled as ever to introduce our latest multi-writer, full track-by-track breakdown of our recent collab release with µCollective, most aptly titled ‘µWIN’!

A collaborative writing effort for a collaborative compilation effort; sounds pretty ChipWIN-tastic to me! ;D

Without further ado, let’s get this fantastic review rolling along! Here are the first 5 track reviews, courtesy of ViridianForge!



‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4’ Roster Announced!!!!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, ready and willing to do one of my favorite yearly duties as “President” of Chiptunes = WIN…


Volume 4

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4 album artwork by Nate “Mad Max” Horsfall of


Andrew Kilpatrick Talks: The J. Arthur Keenes Band’s Mighty Social Lion

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The three EPs Canadian Dan McLay, aka, The J Arthur Keenes Band, released thus far have been collectively revered by the scene as pinnacles in chiptune composition. However, TJAKB seemed to be adrift in a sea of influences; each release encompassed a different approach to a similar sound, though none cohesively linked to the next part of his canon. That is until ‘Mighty Social Lion’. Acting as a collision catalyst for most of his previous reference points, ‘Mighty…’ also signals a further expansion; this time into the realms of 90s alternative and britpop nuance.

‘Mighty Social Lion’ also marks a significant dip in the reliance on chiptune. This isn’t a bad thing, as whilst these elements are understated, this lends the release an undeniable maturity, where chips are an instrument rather than a gimmick, undeniably aesthetic rather than foolishly crowd-pleasing (not that Keenes has ever practiced this).  In ‘Cardboard Box’, chiptune only comes to the forefront after a drawn out tease, marking the track’s shift from confined tension to bombastic euphoria. Chiptune carries the early 90s Radiohead ambiance of ‘Dumb Jokes’, every staccato arp complimenting the scaling guitars and swooning voices.

Maturity is also prevalent in the composition, with songs feeling less like the work of a teenage Robbie Shakespeare and more like that of a mature Win Butler. ‘Trials’ focuses on slightly sinister undertones, with staccato guitar and piano accenting the Beta Band vibe flowing throughout. ‘Worth Keeping’ keeps restrained in the first half and then lyrically whimsical in its closing. Elsewhere, Wild West themed ‘Old Dusty’ manages to traverse around the edges of tortuous superfluity and instead plants itself somewhere between emotionally immediate and musically ingenious. Also, the line “You gave me dirty looks” seems destined to become as iconographic as “This ain’t your home”.

Arthur also harks back to the grapefruits of old; single ‘Congratulations’ has an instantaneous hook, baring its sugar coated fangs and sinking in early, and ‘Under Construction’, is a welcome return to hook-laden abrupt bubblegum sweetness, sounding like a cut from ‘The World’s Smallest Violin’. It’s hard to point out real negatives on this release, though, apart from the odd moment of lyrical cringe (see ‘Cardboard Box’ and ‘Mr. Radiator’ for the worst offences). In fact, ‘Mr. Radiator’ is the only track that really misses the mark, featuring both the album’s worst lyrics and most uninspired music. It’s not a terrible song, it’s just a rock in an ocean of diamonds is incredibly hard to ignore.

Overall? Well, the final track, ‘The Doors’, aptly explains the release as a whole. This track is epilogical in almost every sense; it encompasses almost all previous sounds on the album, forming a six minute dash of irresistible baroque pop chip with more hooks than a fisherman’s cloakroom. It jumps from sweet and pop-heavy to drawn out and controlled affection, winding its way to a grandiose finale. If last year’s EP turned you off J Arthur’s new direction, ‘Mighty Social Lion’ won’t amend your position. However, by featuring sublime maturity alongside emotional cognizance, J Arthur has never sounded better. | Bandcamp | Facebook


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Sup y’all? =) Hoodie here. Lotta, LOTTA really epic weekends happening in the month of March this year. Seriously, SOOOOO MANY THINGS!! :O

And time to get started hyping those RIGHT ZOMBOFURKIN’ NOW:

8bitx Superhero Tournament Kickoff Show

8bitx superhero tourney








Kicking off this Saturday, March 16th AWESOME-A-PALOOZA will be Will Strouse & JT as they debut the station-wide, two-week 8bitX Superhero Tournament! From 4-6pm EST they’ll be running down the rules and revealing the full bracket live on the air, and all hosted from the venue where Game Over Baltimore is happening later that day!
It’s gonna be DAMN GOOD TIMES.


Nerd Rock Radio Presents: Phonetic Hero’s “Sliced Bread: UNCRUSTED!!”

ph - cover art










From 6-8pm EST, Sam Mulligan’s Nerd Rock Radio will be bringing you the DELICIOUS chipmusic center of the party! Sam’ll be hosting his first ever listening party for that crazypants crazy sonofagun Phonetic Hero!

This’ll also be the very first listening party hosted LIVE IRL AT CHIPWIN HQ (aka mine & ChipMom’s house in Arkansas) with Phonetic Hero and friends! This’ll be one for the record books in both the categories of AWESOME CHIPMUSIC & INSANE RIDICULOUSNESS.


MAGFest Presents: Game Over Baltimore

GameOverBaltimore11x17Starting at 8pm, the grand finale of the night is, of course, MAGFest’s latest entry in their touring concert series!

Featuring performances from:
Rare Candy
Random Battles
Inverse Phase

If you’re in the area, GO TO THIS GORRAM SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! If not, stay tuned on 8bitx and catch the livestream!! =D





And that sums up the special events for THIS particular crazy weekend. Be sure to tune into the 8bitx stream chatroom and have some fun with our crazy asses! =D
Also, stay tuned for another post in the upcoming days regarding all the CRAZINESS happening in & around PAX East 2013!

EDIT: To further expand the wonderful craziness of the weekend, catch TWO MORE fantastic chipmusic listening parties on the subsequent days:
SSD Engage at 12:30pm EST on Sunday the 17th
softRESET at 9pm EST on Monday the 18th!


Redundant linkage:

8bitx Superhero Tourney Kickoff Show
Nerd Rock Radio Presents: Phonetic Hero’s “Sliced Bread: UNCRUSTED!!”
MAGFest Presents: Game Over Baltimore
SSD Engage Listening Party
softRESET Listening Party