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Progression: Music Theory 110 – Development, Motifs, and Repetition

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

I’m back in the writing room organising music theory tutelage for you folks, and it just dawned on me that I’ve been writing for this website for more than a year now. Life is good.

Last month we covered the idea of pivoting into seemingly unrelated key areas. As I’m sure you are all aware I will strongly advise you to go back and read through my previous articles as they will help contextualise what we know by this point. This month is an interesting one. This isn’t a music theory topic per se, but rather a skill for musical architecture. We’ll be covering the idea of motific development and creating music that cohesively builds on its musical material.

Let’s jam.

I’ve got a weird feeling that I’m clutching at straws with this whole “weird photos of sheet music” thing.