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This Month in The Overworld: Una Niña Malvada

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This month’s Chiptune artist never ceases to amaze me with his rave style bangers and his witty, surreal and flashy Instagram stories. It’s always a quirky and wild ride listening to the tunes of Una Niña Malvada!

Drawing of Una Niña Malvada by Rano.
Drawing of Una Niña Malvada by Rano.

Una Niña Malvada, whose real name is Marcelo Aliste (nicknamed Rano) has lived in Santiago de Chile (Chile) all his life. He considers himself to be a very boring but restlessly creative individual, so he has always tried to learn and produce a lot of things: with design, painting, drawing, programming and music. According to him, he is the classical case of “master of none”, although I beg to differ.

Rano creates as if he always tries to tap into the child in all of us, and having several musical projects, Una Niña Malvada is the one that has the most longevity of the bunch. The visual mascot of the project is a lovely female pooch that Rano draws all the time and can be seen throughout his social media. Being such a well received project internationally and online, one could also reflect upon his drawings, that have an 80’s anime vibe, but in which the content is universally relatable, and has a contagious glee, much like his music.