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Glenntai Got: ‘Retro​-​Active Pt. 1’ by Keiji Yamagishi

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Many chiptune composers and enthusiasts alike will reminisce about their favorite video games and their soundtracks; oftentimes because of their soundtracks bringing such a large breath of life to the gaming experience.   Fortunately, thanks to a huge effort of many groups of people celebrating video game music, we have come to a point where we are celebrating the music and composers that helped shaped our youth, imaginations, and lives.  However, most to all of the contributions have been to primarily video game music, be it tributes to old or new content for (equally amazing) games.  While you would never find me complaining about this, part of me had wondered what would happen if one of the composers of what I considered “the golden age of video game soundtracks” were to make a new chiptune (or at least chip-inspired) album?

Apparently, legendary Famicom-era pioneer, composer and (coincidentally) an influence of my own personal musical tastes, Keiji Yamagishi (along with director Mohammed Taher) were already a few steps ahead of me, and after the jump I will explain to you how it feels to be given a gift by a legend.