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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Stratocracy’ by CZOFT

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Happy November, everyone!

This month, I wanted to review the recent release by Michigan native, CZOFT. ‘Stratocracy’ was released on October 25, 2017, and features carefully crafted compositions created with lsdj. Featuring 15 tracks fully constructing within one Gameboy DMG-01, the album was released by Utah record label, Catskill Records (the same folks who host Catskill Electronics, a site where Gameboy composers can find their fair share of arduino boys, flash carts, sync components, etc.). This article with contain a review of a new record that I really love, and also share sound design tips straight from the artist for those who want to learn more about lsdj, as well.

Cover artwork by CZOFT, layout and design by Catskull Records.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Interviews ‘FLIES’ and Crew

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Happy February, everyone!

This month will feature a couple of articles by yours truly! This first one is an album very special to me that I only recently came across.  FLIES is an experimental artist without limitations from Massachusetts. His newest EP, ‘Exi(s)t,’ exhibits interesting mixtures of memorable chord progressions, voices, beats, combinations of clear and lo-fi samples, and textures. While not in the chip realm, I wanted to expose those who love that genre with others that integrates otherworldly elements to hopefully inspire, and continue to expand the beautiful world of music and sound design.


Photo by Frank Price


Hoodie Highlights… Christian Blunda of Groupees!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with the final 2015 edition of my interview column, Hoodie Highlights! Wrapping up what has been a really fun series of discussions throughout the year, I’m chatting with another do-er of all the things, Christian Blunda of Groupees! Read on to learn a bit about the organization behind all of the magical music & gaming bundles. Enjoy!

Groupees Banner (more…)

The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘[rr009] demi batard’ by Rhythmus Records

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Happy Wednesday, folks!

This month, I wanted to shed some light on a local record label, Rhythmus Records, and their newest release ‘[rr009], featuring music by artist Demi Batard. Rhythmus Records was created by Scott Buchanan, also known as Radio Scotvoid. Scott is the perfect person to have run a label focusing solely on lo-fi music, as his own releases showcase his dedication to synthesis and chip. I’ve been working with Rhythmus Records since last year, and have a lot of love for the label. I’ve been able to find a lot of unique artists through it, and believe it’s essential to bring attention to local labels and scenes.  I know RR was very excited about Demi Batard’s release, and given that there isn’t much music quite like his, I think you should be, too.

a1412068943_16Cover art by Ritzy Sheens


Stoking the Forge: ‘The Next Level’ by Jredd

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Welcome back to the Forge ChipWINizens, and I hope November finds you all as well as it finds me, riding the wave of All Hallows Eve wonder through to Thanksgiving.  October gave us quite a wave of excellent releases, and among them was Jredd’s latest, ‘The Next Level’. A follow up to his 2012 release ‘Vector Nova’, ‘The Next Level’ lives up to its claim of being ten tracks of FM madness.

The latest in a long history of chip composition, ‘The Next Level’ highlights Jredd’s talent, how far he’s come as a composer, and has me looking forward to where he’s going to take his career in the future.  If you’re at all curious about the adventures Jredd has had on the path to today, the Retro Obscura podcast did an excellent one on one interview with Jredd on the 19th of October.

TheNextLevelFocusing on the present, the album art is the first hint that something pretty epic is going down here.  Put together by Michael Penta, this lovely piece of sci-fi apocolyptica might prime the listener with a particular mental backdrop for the album to come.