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Intense Tech con Defense Mech – ¡Organiza tus Archivos de guardado con libLSDj!

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Artículo Original de DEFENSE MECHANISM. Traducción al Español por Pixel Guy.

¡Hola y bienvenidos una vez más a Intense Tech con Defense Mech! En esta entrega nos ensuciaremos las manos con la Consola de Comandos, ¡solo para que conozcan una herramienta verdaderamente poderosa para ordenar sus archivos de guardado y canciones del LSDj! Al finalizar esta lección sabrán cómo organizar una serie de carpetas para cada canción y crear una lista principal con todas las pistas en sus archivos de guardado. Si esto suena como algo que necesitas en tu vida, ¡sigue leyendo!

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Intense Tech with Defense Mech: Manage your LSDj save files with libLSDj!

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Hello and welcome back to Intense Tech with Defense Mech! In this installment, we’re going to get down and dirty with the command line to introduce you to a true power tool for handling your LSDj save files and songs! By the end of this lesson you will know how to organize a set of folders for each song and create a master list of all the songs on your save files. If this sounds like something you need in your life, keep reading!

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ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Battle of the Bits

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If there’s one thing all of us at the blog stand for, it’s making sure that the chiptune community stays healthy and happy and continues to grow.

And baked goods. We stand for a happy, healthy, growing community and baked goods.

And dank memes. …alright look, so among the things we stand for are a happy, healthy, growing community, baked goods and dank memes. [Hoodie’s note: and beer. Don’t forget beer. Beer > memes tbh.] But while we share a lot about the last few, sometimes we neglect to take the time to report on happenings going on in and around the greater chip community outside of our general purview (i.e. outside of ChipWIN in general, as damn, there’s a lot going on there as is!).

And thus I’d like to take a moment to chat with you about Battle of the Bits.

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The Post-MAG MAG-packed MAGFest 13 Post

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The UK may have Superbyte, the Netherlands may have EINDBAAS, but here near the United States’ capital, we have a little thing called MAGFest, and we like to think it does alright.  While many of you came out and attended MAGFest with us from all over the globe (attendance surpassed 17,000 people this year!), I know there are many of you who were not able to. And if I’m honest with you, even those of us who DID go couldn’t have gone to everything that there was to do there unless the Ministry of Magic had given out Time Turners to the lot of us. That’s where this post comes in – I’ve done my best to assemble all the links, videos and pictures of the most happening happenings to have happened. Those of you who remember my Post-PAX PAX Post should be familiar with how I’m going to format this: As this was the Music and Gaming Festival, we’re going to have a #Music and a #Gaming section as well as a #Closing Thoughts, tagged as such for easy navigation within the post.

Pictured: Adam Martinez, Hot 'n Ready for MAGFest

Are you Hot ‘n Ready for this? Kuma is.