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This Month in The Overworld: Kenobit

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Is there something like a Chiptune Maestro? This month’s artist, Kenobit, a.k.a Fabio Bortolotti, could definitely be defined as one. Self proclaimed Game Boy addict, he has been working on his masterful and dynamic tracks for over 9 years, and has certainly become an integral figure of the chipmusic community in Milan, Italy.

Kenobit performing live with his Gameboy.
Kenobit performing live with his Game Boy.

Fabio was born in Italy, in the year 1982. After playing drums in a few punk bands in his teens, he discovered chiptune at a show in a small club. He instantly fell in love, bought an LSDJ cart, and never stopped producing chiptune.


‘Spacetunes = WIN’ Full Review

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Greetings, Chip-stronauts! 🚀 ✨

It’s Brandon here once again with the customary introduction for our latest compilation review crew! In order of appearance, Aydan, Adam, & clover share thoughtful musings on the 31 stellar compositions that make up ‘Spacetunes = WIN‘.

First, enjoy the equally amazing SpaceWIN art slideshow below, and then drift deeply on into the cosmic compilation read/listen!



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‘Spacetunes = WIN’ is LIVE! Engage it here:

Sup, Chip-stronauts?ヾ(^∇^)

It is well known within the Chipth Dimension™ that many of us among our musical collective are particularly enthralled by the mysteries of the cosmos; mention astronomy and/or cosmology around a bunch of chip nerds and you’ll see what I mean with a quickness.

Yet somehow, there inexplicably remains an unexplored dark void in the space themed chiptune compilations quadrant.

Until now.


Chris Considers: ‘Invitations’ by Awesome Force

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MAGFest has come and gone, and we’re all busy reconstructing our melted faces. There has been a flurry of incredible album releases to coincide with the MAGFest season, and ‘Invitations’ by Awesome Force is among the most anticipated. With multiple MAGFest and BRKFest performances under his belt, as well as his performance in Arkansas last year which I’ve previously highlighted, Awesome Force (Sean Baker) has been a well-known entity within the chiptune scene for quite a while. The release of his first full-length album via the CheapBeats netlabel fills a gap that we’ve been waiting to see filled, and it’s a cosmic experience that is nothing short of astounding.

Awesome Force performs at MAGFest 13.

Awesome Force at MAGFest 13.