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Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4 [Tracks 26 – 30]

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If you’re hoping to find some good music to listen to, its hard to go wrong by picking up a Chiptunes = WIN compilation. Volume 4 really hammers home that point. Every single contribution made is truly a masterwork by their respective artists. In writing this review, I spent the better part of four hours listening to these five tracks on repeat.  You know what? I’d do it again. They are truly just that good.

That said, hop the fold and let’s get to the real MVPs of the day.

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 1- 6]

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Those of you who are in the know have probably already heard the 51 rockin’ tracks that comprise the newest compilation from the team over at Chiptunes = WIN.  But for those of you who are looking for some more info, that are new to the Chip Realm, or are seeking different perspective on the tracks, the crew here at the ChipWIN Blog will be, over the course of the next few weeks, reviewing the *massive* Volume 3 compilation track by track, artist by artist.  Starting off this week it is I, First Lady Ryn, the resident Chiptune Newb and Chip Mom, who will be sharing the first six amazing tunes with you!


Chris Considers: Chiptunes in Arkansas?!? Recap

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(Movie trailer guy voice) In a state ruled by guitars, one determined president, his first lady,  and 8 talented artists set upon an epic quest: to bring live chiptunes to Arkansas. Armed with gameboys, laptops, kazoos and cookies, they descended upon the Smoke & Barrel Tavern. Arkansas would never be the same.

Chiptunes in Arkansas - show poster (smaller)

That’s right friends, in what can be considered to be the first *official* Chiptunes = WIN live show (at least the first with ChipWIN in the show’s billing), history was made in Fayetteville on the night of Sunday, 3/23/14. Boasting a kickass roster of chip musicians with varying styles and hailing from parts far and wide, this event promised to be something truly special. Upon realizing that I was off from work on this day, and craving more live chipmusic since MAGFest 12, I knew that the 8 hour pilgrimage from my state of Louisiana had to be made. (Huge thanks to Leah Romero for the transportation, you rock!)

Arriving at the venue a bit early, we had time to get some drinks and prepare our bodies for a night of great tunes and friends. The anticipation was palpable. Then Hoodie, Erin and all of the artists involved arrived on the scene. In a flash, the barren table we’d been sitting at was transformed into a cornucopia of chipWIN merch: shirts, CD’s, flash drives, posters, buttons, stickers and cookies, highlighted with the most magnificent banner my eyes have ever seen. Even a NES was set up near the stage with a huge selection of games for everyone to enjoy. Needless to say, they didn’t fuck around!

969294_728518580513220_725399977_nOrion Reilly

 First to take the stage was Orion Reilly. What first struck me about this particular chip musician was his setup; he used a laptop to provide the foundation for his tracks while simultaneously controlling a mixer and a full-sized M-Audio keyboard to perform the lead melodies. After a brief and unassuming introduction, he unleashed a jaw-dropping hour-long set upon the audience comprised of original tracks which can be found on his soundcloud as well as many tracks from his recently released Frogatto and Friends OST.

The second thing that struck me was that this guy has some serious skills! Offering up a highly technical baroque style that is unique to the scene, he is one of those artists with enviable ivory-tickling skills who makes it look easy, which it most certifiably is not! From the gorgeously ornamental ‘Demonic Baroque 2’, to the breezy and contemplative ‘Chiptune a la Fauré’, Orion Reilly turned me on to his sumptuous style of classical chipmusic as well as many others who were there to witness it.

This was confirmed to me when one of the locals walked up to me during the set and asked, “Have you ever listened to Bach?”  “Yes,” I replied. “Sounds familiar, it’s really great,” he said, and turned to continue enjoying the show. Indeed, random guy. Indeed.

 8 Bit Jin

Up next was another keyboard ninja, 8 Bit Jin, who flew all the way from Los Angeles to bring his jazz-infused chipmusic to the stage. 8 Bit Jin via 8bitLA is one of the main driving forces behind this show, meaning that if it wasn’t for his meeting up with Hoodie at Frequency 3.0, this event would not have happened, and for that he deserves huge thanks! His set consisted of a mix of cover songs as well as original tracks from his album ‘Millenium Bits’.

Now we’ve all heard 8 bit cover songs of varying degrees of quality, but 8 Bit Jin’s song selection and execution of these covers was truly remarkable. He nailed Big Band/Swing era classics such as Duke Ellington’s ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing’, Louie Prima’s ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’, Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ and more with aplomb. The man has impeccable taste and really showcased his versatility by moving effortlessly between these unique cover songs to his own original house music that had the crowd cheering after every track. The tones of his lead instrument had a very jazzy, Rhodes-like quality to it which gave everyone no choice but to dance and swing.

8 Bit Jin’s set also featured a special, previously unannounced guest about 16 minutes in, hip-hop/nerdcore extraordinaire Lucio Baldomero! Lucio brought the house down with a stunning freestyle rap that had every head in the house bobbing. His impressive stream-of-consciousness performance added yet another layer of talent to the night’s already amazing lineup.

Thunder Fox

10 minutes and a round of Irish Car Bombs later, it was time for Kansas City native Thunder Fox to take the stage. Donning full fox regalia of a fuzzy tail and Kazoo Hero T-shirt, this young talent embarked upon a set which I can only describe as 100% FUN. In his live debut, Thunder Fox kicked off the foxiful festivities with ‘Dunce Dance’, a rousing electro-chip dance groove both calm and intense with seriously catchy beats. He then moved into infectious chipstep remakes of video game favorites such as Mega Man X Subterranean Base and the Super Mario Bros. theme. And then, it happened.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! Handing out kazoos to every member of the audience, Thunder Fox led us through a rollicking kazoo-along to the carefree earworm ‘Party Stomp’, complete with cowbell. Add to the equation a room full of tipsy adults trying to keep up with the Benny Hill theme on kazoos as well as Barney’s ‘Apples and Bananas’ (yes, the dinosaur), and the picture becomes clear that this was one hell of a good time! Thunder Fox ended the performance with the sickest chipstep I have ever heard, inspired by Luigi’s Mansion and littered with humorous voice samples and cliffhanger drops. Seriously, we just had Mardi Gras down here in Louisiana, and Thunder Fox’s performance was 50x as fun.

Theory of N 

In yet another previously unannounced, late addition to the show, Theory of N multiplied the WIN and then some. Theory of N performed a quick set that started out with his infamous track from ChipWIN Vol. 2, ‘Buttdawg Funk’. I’ve listened to this funktastic track so many times in its recorded form, and seeing it performed live was a huge treat indeed. This was merely a prelude however, as everyone was then privileged to experience the first public exposure to his excellent submission to the recently released compilation, ‘Chiptunes = #SrsBsns’. ‘Bow Chippa Bow Wow’ grabbed everyone by the loins and would not let go; there wasn’t a dry panty in the house by the time he was finished with this one. There’s no question in my mind that ‘Bow Chippa Bow Wow’ is chiptune’s ‘Bump N’ Grind’.  (I’m obligated to give the disclaimer that 8bitLA and Chiptunes = WIN are not responsible for spontaneous pregnancy that may or may not occur from listening to Theory of N in a live or recorded setting.)


Bringing in awesome talent from the Mid-Western chipscene, AKADUNGEONMASTER embarked upon a rhythmically glitched-out journey. Hypnotically beautiful melodies merged with subdued percussion at first, then intermittently punctuated with powerfully experimental flourishes. His music gave an ambient sound-space to the night, and it was great to meet this guy after the show. He performs double duty as a dungeon master in real life, if you might not have guessed fro his stage name.

Phonetic Hero

Getting to see Phonetic Hero’s first live show was a rewarding experience indeed. His video game-inspired tracks were some of the hardest-hitting that I’ve ever seen before. His set moved from fiercely melodic techno to groovy funk to straight up drum-n-bass. Phonetic Hero brings a strong, compelling energy to his live performance and his song structures and progressions are a force to reckoned with. Yet another incredibly talented young artist that makes me most excited for the future of chipmusic. I’m definitely looking forward to his future work, and If you haven’t yet picked up his album ‘Sliced Bread: UNCRUSTED!!’ on Bandcamp, you should seriously get on that.


I must admit that Awesome Force was also the driving force that pushed me over the edge to take the decision to take this trip to Arkansas and see this, well… AWESOME show! Having been a huge fan and friend of his, and having had my mind previously blown already by his cosmically destructive drum-n-bass, the thought of NOT seeing him crush it in Arkansas just did not compute. Of course he did not disappoint.

Lifting off with ‘The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean’, Awesome Force instantly engaged the audience in a time when more people than ever are coming to see and appreciate our place in the cosmos. Moving into the the sublimely revelatory ‘The Story of Everything and How it Will End’, it felt like I was living inside the physical embodiment of his ‘Live at BRKFest’ album, which I consider to be one of the finest live chiptune albums to ever be recorded. Awesome Force ended the night with a sonically intense and blisteringly emotional track in honor of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. If you EVER get the chance to see the incredible amounts of power that he can pull from a Game Boy, take it!

And thus ends the story of how chiptunes conquered Arkansas, a pleasantly surprising lightning strike of an event. But fear not! If you missed this show, it has been confirmed by Da Prez that with ChipWIN, lightning will indeed strike twice! Oh yes, there WILL be another Fayetteville show. You’ll just have to keep it locked here on the blog, and when it strikes, be sure to come out and have an incredible time. Honestly though, it’s worth the trip just for the hugs and cookies you’ll get from Chip Mama.


HUGE THANKS to Jason Roop for documenting the full footage of the performances!

Roop’s YouTube channel

Orion Reilly:  Bandcamp | SoundCloud

8 Bit Jin:  Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

Lucio Baldomero: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Twitter

Theory of N: Bandcamp | Facebook

Thunder Fox: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Twitter

AKADUNGEONMASTER: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Facebook

Phonetic Hero: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

Awesome Force: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Facebook




8bitLA & ChipWIN Present: Chiptunes in MISSOURI & ARKANSAS?!? (mini-tour)

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Sup y’all? Prez Hoodie here. For a good while now you’ve heard me chattering on about eventual ChipWIN live shows at some unspecified point in time. While we’ve directly sponsored a good handful already (BRKFest 2013, 8static Fest, & Frequency 3.0 to name a few) and had our hands in a number of other events & happenings (PAX East ChipStage & MAGFest Chipspace among others), we’ve yet to technically “put on our own show”.


Teaming up with Jonathan Pendergrass (aka 8 Bit Jin) of 8bitLA and an array of local chip-talent & friends, we’re bringing a two stop, 6 chipact strong mini-tour smack dab in the middle of nowhere to the MidSouth!! To be specific, these cats:

Awesome Force
Orion Reilly
Thunder Fox Music
Phonetic Hero
8 Bit Jin

Performing at these venues:

The Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, 3/22 


The Smoke and Barrel Tavern in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Sunday 3/23

Want more info? BOOM. Check out the sexy flyers below!!

kansas city chipshow flyer

Chiptunes in Arkansas - show poster (smaller)

Sexcellent flyer by Nate Horsfall of

Chiptunes in Missouri and Arkansas. What’s next? A worldwide chiptour sponsored by Sam Adams Cherry Wheat? One step at a time friends…. ;)

For now, if you’re anywhere in the area (or not! CHIPTUNE ROAD TRIP, BBY!!), come out and have a blast with us at these kickass shows! Bring friends, bring family, bring your Grandpappy & Memaw for all we care! It’s definitely gonna be a helluva time! ^_^

Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie


Fb Events (Missouri show on 3/22 | Arkansas show on 3/23)

Facebook (Page) (Group) | Bandcamp | Twitter 

ChipWIN: (Bandcamp) | Facebook (Page) (Group)
Twitter | Soundcloud YouTube | Tumblr

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8-Bit Banter with DjjD: ‘A For Amiga’ by cTrix

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Yo, yo, yo. DjjD here.

Before we begin, let’s just look at a couple of the comments I’ve found on the internet whilst listening to this amazing piece of work:

“I’ve been freaking out about how good ‘A for Amiga’ is. Jammy yet musical, bouncy yet methodical, calculated yet playful…” – Phonetic Hero (Pete Lepley)

“this album is fucking GOOD” – Luke Keever


Classy statements, for a classy album. However, this fantastic Bleepstreet release does for me what I have not been able to find in other recent collections: pure, unadulterated vehemence. In a number of ways, cTrix manages to conceive extreme twists and turns in an immensely enjoyable and thrilling expedition down memory lane back into the early 90s. How he manages to pack such nostalgic, complicated rhythms and such wonderful, prodigious leads in each song, off of an Amiga 500, is just beyond words. The radical melodies generated from this machine (and its user), are just incredible.


When I saw this first, I had flashbacks of After Burner.

To really understand what the background of ‘A For Amiga’ was, I asked Chris Mylrae (cTrix) for a few moments of his time to explain how he got to this concept and how he carried out his project:

A for Amiga is a project which started life as an “album-on-a-floppy” Amiga musicdisk. The Amiga’s tracking system was what had launched me into the world of digital music production when I was a kid. The aim was to make tunes using samples from the original floppies which came bundled with “The Ultimate Sound Tracker” which was one of the first Amiga trackers (late 80’s). I also decided to use some of the samples I spent weekends of my childhood finding at computer swap meets. Pre-internet / pre-sampler that’s how I got my sounds!

Best part?

“…I’d love to give you a philosophical reason to why I made these tunes – but it was mainly a technical challenge purely for fun. Once I got going I spent a long time on some of the melodies and chordal structures… but it all came down tunes that were fun to make.”

No deeper meaning than that, folks. He did this because he wanted to test his limits and make something badass. Personally, I can’t stop listening to “DX Heaven”. It’s super smooth, has some really great dynamics, and this is probably just me, but it totally reminds me of Epic Pinball.

I can’t speak highly enough of this album; it’s just THAT good. Each track is a descent farther and farther into a simpler, far more pleasant past. You’ll be thinking about those good ol’ days where all you had to think about was games, sipping on lemonade, and occasionally treading outside of your dungeon/castle/fortress (yes, your house) to hang out with friends. You owe it to yourself to listen to some damn good music, Christmas was tough.

…and no I’m not just saying that because I waited until the day before Christmas to buy gifts. (don’t judge me)

Stay classy. :)

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