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Fives and Nines: Tuberz McGee reviews ‘Exit Plan’ by Fearofdark

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Fearofdark is not a newcomer on the scene, but rather a miracle of modern science, a beacon of Chiptune wisdom, and a coffee enthusiast. As a revered Famitracker Wizard and ModPlug Master coming off the back of several successful albums, Mr. ofdark has released a brand new chippy toure de force titled ‘Exit Plan’. The album combines his love of jazz harmonies, four to the floor head bobbing, and pseudo avant garde whole tone weirdness. ‘Exit Plan’ is released through Ubiktune, a label known for their ridiculously complex, progressive music that combines super catchy melodies and riffs with weird time signatures and absurd harmonic progressions. This album is no outlier. It exemplifies everything that I just listed, as this album is masterfully crafted.

Alright team. Let’s go on a journey. Let’s jam!

Fearofdark + Dragons = I should have studied maths rather than music at university