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Aydan Appreciates: ‘Crunk Witch’ by Crunk Witch

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Crunk Witch, an eclectic and eccentric geeky duo from Maine, is known for their heavy bass, explosive vocals, phenomenal production, and chipmusic-influenced style. They’re also known for touring extensively throughout the United States. Several times a year they come through the college town that I call home, Ithaca, to jam out at one of our favorite local pizza joints, The Nines. This is just a pit stop on their journey to rock the nation, and it’s always a treat to experience the sheer energy that flows through the packed bar during their shows. At these live events, they’ve teased some new material from their latest self-titled album, released a little more than four years after their most recent album, ‘Heartbeats in Hyperspace’. ‘Crunk Witch’ is packed with what long-time fans know and love the duo for, and is sure to open new fans’ eyes to their sheer talent. So come on, everybody; there’s a place we gotta go!