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The ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7’ Roster

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Edit: Volume 7 is LIVE! Get it here!

And the roster for ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7’ is… -insert ridiculous over-the-top drumroll likely composed by Adam Lankford here-

V.7 album artwork by Nate Horsfall of Yes, he is a minor deity. At minimum.

ChipWIN-tern Presents: Networking and Brand Management

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Hello everyone. For this month, I decided instead of an album review or talking about a concert I thought that I might perhaps offer some help to the community at large by addressing one of the things I see as a major common weakness: poor brand management. “Wait what,” I hear you say, “why are you teaching me an Intro to Business course here? I just want some dank bleep bloops, bro!” And that’s fine, because at the end of the day is not a man entitled to the bleep from his bloops? But for those of you who are interested in getting senpai to notice you, and by senpai I mean potential fans and friends, then I have some broad and functional advice for you in terms of making sure that what music you have is available to the most people and you can start being that cool kid who wears pastel colored 80’s and 90’s era windbreaker jackets, clear Wayfarer glasses, a geeky Snapback and patterned leggings that all the convention-goers want to throw their parents’ money at. Or whatever it is YOU deem as commercial success, I guess.


ChipWIN Comps Historical Context: Year One

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ChipWIN Comps Historical Context: Year One

Sooooooo, what was going to be a week-long series of social media posts giving brief historical context on five years of our compilation series (a little hype leading up to Friday’s V.6 launch if you will) just turned into a week-long series of blog posts featuring such. Why? Simple: there’s no word limit here. ಠ‿↼ And boy howdy, can I write a lot about this gorram project; especially this core facet of it.

Read on below the jump if you dare.

ChipWIN Comps: Year One


ChipWIN compilation DLC FTW!!! \m|♥|m/

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YUP. More ChipWIN goodness coming ‘atcha HARD & FAST & SUDDENLY~!!!
On October 1st, Chiptunes = WIN brings you THE EXPANSION PACK.

21 brand new, unreleased tracks from 21 completely different artists, NINJA ATTACKING you from the pixelated mists of chipland!!

And OH HELLZ YEAH, it’s getting the full treatment once again: mastered by the badasstastic Dj CUTMAN, artified by the artmaster Nate Horsfall aka Foxdragon, and merchified by Maddie the magical Merch Fairy (merch details COMING SOON).

And, OF COURSE, check out (and SHARE the bejebus out of!!!) Swack & Justin’s new RIDICUWIN Expansion Pack promo video for more chipWINfo (these puns are getting unbearable… ;3):

ALSO OF COURSE, don’t miss the host with the mostest, Obtuse’s 8 Bit Power Hour release date listening paaaartaaaaay on Areciboradio (IT’S A TRADITION NOW, BLASTITALL!!!):

If you prefer teh Twitters, USE THIS:


AND BOOM!!! There’s now ChipWIN Chat here on the blog BECAUSE ♥ !!!

When President Hoodie promises chiptune, PRESIDENT HOODIE DELIVERS TEH CHIPTUNE. 8)

OCTOBER 1st. <– BE THERE. Or zombie chibi dickbutt will get you.