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POST-PAX PAX-PACKED PAX-POST 2018 (ft. bory of geekbeatradio)

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Greetings and salutations friends! It’s that time once again for a massive postmortem on PAX East. This year, I’m joined by bory of geekbeatradio who was the head of the MAGFest Jamspace this year and also responsible for booking all of our amazing acts. As this article does traditionally cover both the music and gaming portions of PAX East, bory will be covering the music and I will be covering the games – and as per usual, you can navarkigate to each portion by searching #MUSIC or #GAMES. This time around we’ve got a big article for ya, so don’t hesitate to use those to jump around.


Aydan Appreciates: ‘Synonymous Dimensions’ by Polygon Horizon

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Polygon Horizon is a chipartist whose name may not be recognized by many. However, on hearing their polished sound, out-of-this-world riffage, and references to the Nintendocore music catalog throughout their Facebook page, it’ll be clear that this is no newbie to the chipmusic genre. Poopmaster (debatably the contender for ‘Silliest Artist Name with Best Music’) went through a transitional period, slightly altered their usual style, and morphed into the chipmetal project that is PH. ‘Synonymous Dimensions’ is this artist’s virgin project under this alias; this is a concept album dealing with the unique idea that five video game characters suddenly become conscious of what’s happening around them and the fact that they are, indeed, nothing more than digitally created objects in a predetermined world. Read on to see what this veteran of the genre has created!


Aydan Appreciates: ‘Boner Machine’ by Solarbear

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Hey, ChipWINners! Solarbear’s been in the chipmusic community for some time now, and by now everyone knows how much he sucks. I mean, progressive-influenced, stylistically expansive, phenomenally written chipmusic? BOOOOOOOOORING. Don’t even get me STARTED on how bad his latest release, ‘Boner Machine’, is. It’s so bad…ass. Who am I kidding? If you haven’t discovered the sheer joy that is Solarbear, now’s as good of a time to find out about him as ever. Today, we’re going to be diving dickbuttfirst into ‘Boner Machine’, track-by-track. Let’s get started!


ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Rainbowdragoneyes & Inverse Phase – The New Stuff!

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Greetings and salutations chiptunes compatriots. What are you up to this weekend? Are you on your way to Otakon, maybe to check out some anime as well as the Benjamin Briggs‘ set yesterday? Or maybe you’re heading down to Orlando Nerd Fest, where you can listen to…Jesus, almost literally everyone you’d ever want to listen to as a videogame nerd? Or MAYBE you’re in Indiana for Little Sound Assembly? Or MAY- you know what, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you’re traveling around, maybe you’re not. But you know what you definitely are? In need of some new tunes to make you swoon, and some tunes to melt your face, and BOY HOWDY do I have some news for you: Inverse Phase and Rainbowdragoneyes have BOTH put out albums this week, so I hope you’ve prepared yourself, because whether you need a cruisin’ playlist or just one to jam out at home, you’re covered. Let’s get down to it, shall we?


Prying Questions With Danny Pryor – Welcome To Warp Zone: PAX EAST 2014

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In the past, I have helped write a couple FAQs when dealing with different levels and bosses, but once you have become a seasoned player, you might be looking for a more tailored experience. There are many methods for achieving this, from button combinations  to sound test codes, but my personal recommendation is finding the closest warp zone to you and navigating through the mayhem! My recent adventure led me to the realm of PAX EAST, located in world Boston-MA. Although I kept a detailed log of all my encounters in this mysterious yet familiar land, sadly I only collected 3 OUT OF 20 pages, which detail some of my exploits.

Diary Entry Resident Evil








Boston 8 Bit has collected some of the finest artists for both the Jamspace and Chip Stage as they have done in the past, and the talent here is insurmountable! Sam Mulligan started off the day playing some of his famous hits and then OMG! SHARK PARTY! I didn’t think I would make it through until The World Is Square told me to “let go” and a fight broke out between myself and the flying shark boss. I managed to defeat it with my remaining flame rounds and a quick visit to what I like to call Knife City a.k.a. circling around it and swiping my combat blade. Note to self: Save more ammo.

System Shock 2







It seems like a chipstorm has been running wild on the 2nd floor for what seems like forever. I managed to pick up some audio feed of them through geekbeatradio and I could already tell that they were ready to play it loud. I rushed through the crowds of assorted women and men, hoping I could resolve the issue before it got out of hand. I could see the creation of something spectacular happening, a vortex of red pixel dust spewing forth from the primordial booze. I knew my ace in the hole was to explain everything in depth in this audio log. This is where you can go to save yourself  ***STATIC*** ROOM 207 ***STATIC*** DEVOURED!!!! THE CAPTAIN IS DEAD AND SO ARE WE!!!!


We Know








I have finally arrived outside the city, at a location only known as Comicazi. Here I met the honorable Bifflecup, composer extraordinaire. My companions Astro Logic and Best Defense arrive with me, each of us carrying the sacred songs of our ancestors. We know we must all perform, each at a different time, in order to complete the quest and send the dragons/demons/evil things back from whence they came. Surrounded by ancient books and artifacts of days of old, I hope to find the courage to display my strength as I begin to slowly make my way towards fulfilling my destiny. I am nervous as I stand among everyone and I hope that…oh I’m sorry… They want me to stop writing now and play the songs. Nope…Nope…Seems a bit too late now…Demons everywhere…Stupid journal.

Hmmm…well then… I should probably get more than three journal entries next time. It’s those collectible achievements…I swear you can NEVER get them all in one go. You have to play the same game like 20 times in some cases.