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Hoodie Highlights… Kubbi in 2018!

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Hey y’all! =) For this month’s interview, I’m reprising a 2014 blog chat that I had with a very talented Norwegian friend of mine whose music you’re very likely familiar with. Unsurprisingly, the man has accomplished more than enough in the four years since then to warrant yet another sit down with me here on the blog.

Everyone welcome back to the blog, Vegard Kummen aka Kubbi!

Not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it sure makes for a pretty sweet picture.


Progression: An Argument Towards The Engagement of Research Practices

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Hey guys! Tuberz here with a little bit of something different. Follow along at home, and prepare to read something you don’t often see associated with Chipmusic.

Those of us who create content understand the difficult nature of progression. I don’t mean story progression. I don’t mean a jazz standard progression like a ii-V-I. I mean the progression of our craft. When we create something we want it to succeed more than our last venture. We want to get better. The real question that people arrive at is ‘how?’ What if I said I had a possible answer for all of you brilliant readers out there? Does that sound good? Good. Let’s jam.

This word may strike fear into the heart of many (and with good reason), but you will soon learn to love it.


Whoah right? We just make music on a Game Boy, a NES, maybe a Megadrive/Genesis if we’re super highbrow. Research is reserved for academics right? I gotta get a Ph.D for that right? Wrong. Let’s take a look at the word research.


Bit by Bit: Balancing Musical Intuition with Education

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Hello, friends!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I wanted to start of by thanking all of you that have specifically brought your interest and appreciation of this article series to my attention.  It certainly helps motivate me to continue making these, and coincidentally I have the outlines on an article based off of motivation and goals, but that’s for another time.  This article is based on the necessity to balance your musical intuition with education.  Both, from my perspective, are crucial.  Your application of both of them, of course, is all up to you.

When you're paying the Hoodie image tax, but remembered you have to keep it relevant

When you’re paying the Hoodie image tax, but remembered you have to keep it relevant