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Aydan Appreciates: ‘Rhythm’n’Bits 2’ by Yoann Turpin

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As many of you probably know, Yoann Turpin is an artist that I happen to follow quite closely. I’ve always got my eye on him, as he releases high-quality tunes frequently, and he’s often one of the first artists who comes to mind when I’m deciding what album I’d like to review each month. On March 27th, he released ‘Rhythm’n’Bits 2’, a direct sequel to the first album he had written and released nearly seven years prior, and the album is filled with the intricately beautiful compositions I’ve come to know and love from Turpin. I’m elated to have the opportunity to review this piece of work.

Cover Artwork by William Lamy.

Chris Considers: ‘Chip Songbook Vol. 6’ by Yoann Turpin

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The sublime sounds of french keyboardist Yoann Turpin are among the best in all of chipmusic. I first became aware of his work with the release of ‘Rhythm’n’Bits’ via the Ubiktune netlabel, as I’m sure many of you have as well. Its infectious blend of funk and chip quickly landed it as being one of my all-time favorite chiptune albums.  Since that now classic release, Yoann has kindly contributed to the ChipWINter Wonderland album, and has been releasing loads of masterful music on his own at an astonishing rate. Among them has been an ongoing collection of songs called the ‘Chip Songbook’, which is a true gift for any chiptune fan. Let’s take a listen to ‘Chip Songbook Vol. 6’!

Chip Songbook Vol. 6 (more…)