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Progression: Music Theory 106 – Secondary Dominants, Modulation, and Temporary Tonicization

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

Tuberz here with my sixth article in the realm of music theory, and the underpinnings of musical witchcraft (knowing lots of cool chords and stuff). Last month we covered the idea of chord substitution from the natural chords found in our modes in an attempt to jazz up our chord progressions to provide a more lush harmonic landscape. By this point my articles may be very hard to follow if you don’t have prior theory knowledge, so it is my strong recommendation for you to you go back and read my previous articles. This article is going to cover the use of secondary dominants in an attempt to solidify chord structures, modulate to other keys and harmonic areas, and temporarily set our tonic to a different chord.

Let’s jam.

Surely you must be running out of images of notation by now. It’s definitely a bit of a niche.