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8-Bit Banter with DjjD: ‘Wintertunes’

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DjjD here.

In my time here as a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to choose my own album reviews, chat with some really great artists, and explore creative opportunities I would’ve otherwise been unable to without the help of Chiptunes = WIN. For this entry, I called upon another chip advocate, my girlfriend. At some point in the middle of – I think – a discussion about programming, I asked her, “If you had to choose one chiptune album to listen to, what would it be?” Puzzled, she searched around her hard drive for the next few minutes and came back to me. On one hand I have to say, I’m not entirely surprised at the choice she had made. On the other hand, I’m glad it was another album released through Ubiktune.

That’s right, the Ubiktune love train keeps-a-flowin’ in this article. I really can’t help myself, it’s too much goodness for one label. With that, the decision was made. She chose ‘Wintertunes‘, a compilation of chill and refreshing tunes from 11 different artists.

You have quite a full range of tunes to choose from on this one. Whether it’s light and fun, or darker with a much more ominous tone, the mixture of things is quite pleasant, save for a few tracks.

The album starts out perfectly, “Magic Snow is White and Slow“, generates a light-hearted, whimsical resonance with a flute-like chip that embraces the brisk, invigorating draft just as you take that first breath outside, just before the sun rises. The impact of it all sends a chill down your spine and by the second track, the sun has set; you’re in survival mode battling harsh arctic conditions and yetis as the snow waves crash over the mountainside. You can almost picture a wind sample playing the background. *end wind.wav*

Derris-Kharlan’s track “Reconciliation” feels like the conclusion of the odyssey even though it’s the 4th track on the album. It’s a great tune, but feels very unnatural in the course of the album. ‘Cough Syrup Overdose’ wins the top spot in the album for me. Jazzy? Yes. Chiptunes? Yes. Chord progressions a plenty, this tune certainly goes all over the place; it’s lively, easy to groove to. It’s like if Vince Guaraldi had access to a tracker, this would be some of the music represented in the Peanuts NES game.

Bordering on 4 years old, if you’ve never heard this album since it’s release back in 2010, you’re missing out. Each song has its own unique essence to bring to the table, and while some of the songs might feel weird from time to time, it’s an enjoyable album. With lots of very talented artists such as Blitz Lunar, coda & surasshu, and a $0 price tag, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get this. I’ve listened to this for years and since I haven’t seen any reviews of it online, this is my gift to you. Please hold your applause.

But seriously, today’s my girlfriend’s birthday. Happy birthday, Parvathi, ya 23 year old goofball. :)

Thanks for reading.

Stay Classy,

P.S. This will be my last article for a month or so, gonna take a small hiatus for makin’ more music. \m/

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ChipWIN Tracks #40 – #45

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Well hello, boys and girls! It’s your resident Chip Mom here to chat about the next slew of excellent tracks!  While I am in no way a chiptune aficionado, I do, as they say, “know what I like”.  And, my dear chiplets, I love these tracks!

Track #40: Sleepwalking In Tennessee by Temp Sound Solutions

I wasn’t familiar with Temp Sound Solutions before this compilation (I know, I know, I iz newb), and this track got me excited to seek out more.  Sleepwalking in Tennessee is composed of a variety of tones and textures that seem like they shouldn’t play nice together.  The track is a juxtaposition of rough rhythmic patterns, groovy bass lines, and smooth, almost oboe-like melodic themes.  While this seems disjointed on paper, the song is in fact a head bobbing, booty moving tune for your soon-to-be-pleased ear-holes!

Track #41: Dreaming Machine by Thorazine Unicorn

Then comes the driving beat of Thorazine Unicorn’s Dreaming Machine.  One of the few tracks on Volume 1 with vocals, it stands out among the rest.  There is an 80’s flavor to this track, and it conjures to mind images that could be pulled right out of a Philip K. Dick action scene.  Bleeps and bloops and heavy drum sounds are coupled with vocals that are reminiscent of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (this, of course, puts it right in my 80s-woman-rocker-loving wheelhouse).  Throw this one on next time you sit down to a tabletop Shaddowrun.

Track #42: Columbia by Space Town Savior

WARNING: this track will and can cause bootys to shake! If you hear this track blasting at ChipWIN HQ, you will probably find me and Hoodie, stocking footed, grooving on the kitchen floor.  Then again, that’s not all that uncommon of an occurrence.  In any case, Columbia is one of those tracks that starts with a low, thumping beat that crawls into your ears and down your spine, so by the time the spacey melody hits you’re already either chair dancing or out on the floor.  As the song fills out, you’re lost in the groove and grinning, flying through a Cosmos cut-scene.  Even if you’re not someone that busts a move in front of others, do yourself a favor and let lose in your living room to this song at the end of a long day.  I promise you won’t regret it!

Track #43: Ecstasy by Obtuse

Uhm… sexy much?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not one for brevity, but that short phrase sums up my impression of the song quite well.  Ecstasy is gritty, deep tones that start low and slow and gradually build up to a relaxed, steady pace.  The inter-splicing of the odd minor and diminished chord just adds to the musical tension.  I mean, c’mon~!  Ok, ChipMom needs a moment…

Track #44: Button Mash by Snesei

When I think back to those few short weeks of my childhood before I rage quit Mario forever, this is the song that plays over the gaming montage.  Button Mash is bouncy, upbeat, happy, happy, joy, joy that provides a needed tempo change after a string of more intense tracks.  What I love most about this track is that all the sound choices really do push up the nostalgic factor.  I almost feel like if I could listen to it just enough times, that I could identify all the source games for the sounds.  I’m sure I would end up with quite a list.

Track #45: Jambo by Cheapshot

Cheapshot’s feel with Jambo seems as if its something that Jean M. Auel’s characters would appreciate (I’ve been rereading that one lately).  The infectious, tribal rhythms are sure to get your toes tapping, head rocking, and booty wiggling.  And while it has a bit more of the “down and dirty” like some of the previous tracks, it manages to keep the upbeat feel pushing forward into the next run of tracks.

Speaking of those, check back with us next week to catch Mr. Rob Remi-PK‘s Volume 1 block write-up!

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Chiptunes = WIN \m|♥|m/ compilation RELEASED!!!!!!

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Just in case you missed the announcement Monday night during the VERY CRAZYAWESOME, VERY AWESOMECRAZY listening/release party on 8 Bit Power Hour on Areciboradio (peak listeners for the night = 281!!!!!), THIS BAD BOY IS OUT!!!! SNAG IT AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE AND SHARE IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you lurve it sooooooo much (VERY LIKELY) that you feel like wearing a Chiptunes = WIN shirt, 4 buttons, and SIXTY ONE STICKERS (!!!!!), you can snag that related merchy goodness for only $15 (!!!!!) RITE CHAR (char):


Again, MUCH LOVE AND THANKS  to everyone involved in the project, and to all the listeners/supporters/CRAZY AWESOME people that love chiptunes….

A WINNER IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

\m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ \m|♥|m/ 


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By now you’ve probably heard of this thing; you’ve checked out the initial ChipWIN 480+ member strong Facebook group and spinoff Facebook Page; you’ve seen the RIDICULOUS(LY AWESOME) promo video; you’ve seen Nate Horsfall aka Foxdragon’s AMAZING art for the project; you’ve got the 8 Bit Power Hour Areciboradio listening party invite (HAPPENS TOMORROW, MONDAY, JUNE 4TH, AT 7PM CENTRAL TIME ZOMG!!!); you’ve heard teaser tracks on Geekbeat LeRadio and Nerd Rock Radio for the past few weeks; you’ve read posts on Dj Cutman’s blog and here on the 8bitX provided blog; you’ve seen Boston 8 Bit Maddie the Merch Fairy’s merch teasers (MORE TO COME SOON!!!); you’ve seen countless friends, Chipartists, and VGM peoples facebooking, tweeting, tumblering, WUTTEHFUKEVARING about it nonstop for the past couple months. All you’re waiting on now is to download the compilation. And you can. TOMORROW NIGHT.

But for now…

HOW ABOUT A FULL ARTIST/TRACK LIST TO PERUSE AT YOUR LEISURE??? (in ABC order; final sequencing unveils tomorrow with the Bandcamp release). Yeah, that’s what I thought. 8) Read this and FEEL THE HYPE ALL THE WAY DOWN IN YOUR BONES/SOUL/JUNK/BONESOULJUNK!!!!!!


1. 4mat – Tetra
2. Abducted by Sharks – Late to the Party
3. Active Knowledge – Lucidosity
4. Algoorithm (Chris Algoo) – While We Can, Party
5. AWESOMECAT – パーティーで最もきれいな女の子
6. Ben Landis – Breakthrough
7. Br1ght Pr1mate – Sexy & I Know It
8. Brick Breaker – Dusk Runner
9. Cartoon Bomb – Earthworm Facts
10. Cheapshot – Jambo
11. Chip’s Challenge – Special Beam Cannon
12. Chipzel – Can’t Stop Us
13. Crashfaster – The Out
14. Da Pantz – Real In The Field
15. Daniel Capo – Wake
16. Danimal Cannon – The Lunar Whale
17. Datacats – Small Wonders
18. deadbeatblast – Total Disaster
19. Decktonic – Africa
20. Diamond Machine – Hey! (No E)
21. Fraktal Face – Did You
22. iamclouD – Harmonix
23. Inverse Phase – Three-stage
24. Iron Curtain – Assault At The Front Door
25. Jay Tholen – On Stolen Time
26. K.O.M.H. – Kogeki no Kiken
27. Kedromelon – Titan 2
28. Kubbi – Tidal Force
29. KymAz – Nebulae
30. LukHash – PixeLove
31. Monodeer – No Particular Reason
32. Nario – Hallucinogenic Ethics
33. nickelPUNK – StarDRIVE
34. Obtuse – Ecstasy
35. Phonetic Hero – Bat Outta Hell
36. PROTODOME – Four Color Hero
37. RobotSexMusic – It’s Never Enough
38. Sam Mulligan – Secret
39. Sean Monistat – This Computer Can Read Lips
40. SKGB – Infinite Cheap Death Tricks
41. SMILETRON – Elevation
42. Snesei – Button Mash
43. Space Town Savior – Columbia
44. Starpilot – Sparkling
45. Stenobot – Shark Flower
46. Super Danger Casper – Berbaris Satu Arah
47. Temp Sound Solutions – Sleepwalking In Tennessee
48. Thorazine Unicorn – Dreaming Machine
49. Whitely – You & Him
50. Xenon Odyssey – Quotidian
51. Zef – Pure Voltage