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Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘FAMILY SWING’ by YMCK

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Welcome to 2017, ChipWINNERS! What better way to break into the new year than with some quirky chip-swing tunes delivered from their hearts to your ears by none other than the legendary YMCK!

‘FAMILY SWING’ by YMCK is a deliciously unique chip-swing album packed with heart, quirk, and unabashed adorableness. This bright album takes swing and runs with it, folding the classic genre into the chip-sphere with a level of polish that will make you wonder how you’ve never heard music quite like this before.

Check out ‘Glory in my hands…’ and fall in love with a little chip-swing with YMCK!

The full ‘Family Swing’ review continues below!


Aydan Appreciates & Interviews: ‘Family Dancing’ & Yokemura Takeshi of YMCK

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YMCK has come to be a name associated with some of the highest quality chipmusic ever produced. Their ‘Family’ albums are by and far a series of the most influential music within the chipscene, and several songs off of their releases have gone viral. Known for their incredible live performances that utilize pixelated visuals, detailed and impressive music videos, as well as lighthearted and impressively composed, jazz-influenced music all combined with Kurihara’s stylistically unique vocals, YMCK has broken the mold with every single release. Now, two years after the release of their last smash hit ‘Family Days’, ‘Family Dancing’ has been released through iTunes for the world to hear. Let’s take a look at some of the tracks from this phenomenal album!

family dancing


What in the world is “CheapBeats = WIN”?

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, primed and ready to drop another info bomb of AWESOME on all of you. To be specific, I have within this very blog post the answer to the deep, dark question of the ages, What in the world is ‘CheapBeats = WIN?.

cheapbeat dark secrets

Y’all remember that “Pxl-Win” dealio we did with Pxl-Bot last year? You know, the rather fantastic collaborative Volume 2 side release, which was the first of its kind for us. Yup. That one.




Hoodie Highlights… Roger ‘Rekcahdam’ Hicks!

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Sup y’all? =) Hoodie here with a special BONUS interview for this month! A Kickstarter for an EXTRAORDINARILY AWESOME project has recently gone live, something that you need to be informed about and given the chance to support. So I took the initiative
and interviewed/enjoyably chatted with/endlessly pestered the creator to learn more about it, and him in general. The project in question is Band Saga, and its creator is the one and only Roger ‘Rekcahdam’ Hicks! Enjoy!


Photo by Jeff Ball.


Quenching the Forge: Mango Apple Bourbon Delicious

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Old Eugene Downtown Liquor

Honest and direct.

Let me begin by cutting straight to the point.  If you’ve not had much experience in the wide world of bourbon whiskey, I have one singular piece of advice for you.  Find your most reputable liquor proprietor, politely ask an employee,
“Excuse me, can you recommend a good bourbon for someone who is just starting to explore?
and prepare your mind for an educational conversation.