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Rhyphte Reviews: ‘General Musings’ by cactus.

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Well, this is probably the last you’ll be hearing from me for a minute, folks. Got some IRL adventures to sort out before I can pursue my hobbies in the same way again. So let me kick off the review portion of this announcement with the revelation that cactus. is from Melbourne! Crazy to me since I was born there and had no idea (that cactus. resides there—pretty sure I know where I was born)! There’s so much talent in the southern hemisphere and the list of Aussie musicians that I am aware of grows longer day by day!

(very fitting) album art by Joshua Webb

‘General Musings’ is a collection of what cactus. calls ‘title-first’ compositions, which are songs written around expressions or phrases deemed sufficiently interesting by the creator. I think that the concept is quite refreshing, bringing many different and specific ideas together into the spotlight without the need for a binding theme. It’s a great prompt for generating new and interesting musical ideas!


Chip Mom’s Kitchen #19: Greek Shortbread

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I really thought before that I had known what love is. It seemed like I would live my life with that preconceived notion never changing. I had dreamt of more, but accepted things the way they were. Then one fateful winter’s evening, everything changed…

cuddle the mixer

To get to know my new baby, I picked out a recipe with no surprises.  I didn’t want anything complicating our first moments together.  I leafed through my multitude of cookbooks and happened upon…

Greek Shortbread (more…)

The Post-PAX PAX-Packed PAX Post

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You thought we forgot, didn’t you? You thought that PAXEast happened, and we all just got belligerent and completely blacked out from sensory overload and that we were going to let it go by without doing a recap for people, didn’t you? Well, you know, honestly that’s quite an easy assumption to make – truth be told, we WERE all on sensory overload, and I highly doubt that any one of us there remembers everything. But that’s why we’ve got the whole crew working on this! I made sure to check with everyone from our group who was there, as well as a few queries to the main Facebook page, so this should be about as complete as anyone could reasonably expect. We here at Zombocon the Chiptunes = Win Hivemind aim to bring you all of your geeky needs in the easiest and most complete format. That being said, this post is going to run a little long, so I’m going to put all the real meat under the jump. (more…)