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Stokin’ the Forge – ‘Power Tricks’ by Vince Kaichan

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Ahoy and well wishes citizens of the ChipWIN Nation! Up in my neck of the woods, the August sun is burning with a ferocity that will melt the skin off a person’s bones.  Why am I mentioning that random weather related factoid?  Aside from breaking the ice with something we can all understand, that’s the best gauge I can give you folks on how potent Vince Kaichan’s latest release is. CheapBeats has been dropping amazing releases all summer, and ‘Power Tricks‘ earns its place among them in spades.  If you’re looking for some of the best LSDJ work I’ve heard in a long while, you’ve found the right album.



A Wild Events Page Appears!

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An events page: you’ve asked for it, and it’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages. Well, we’ve finally do-ed it. Chiptunes = WIN is formally announcing the debut of The ChipWIN Events Calendar –>

events calendar
What’s there? How about a constantly updating feed of the latest chiptune, VGM, & nerdcore events and festivals (both online & offline) that we’re aware of? (you can help here!). We’d like to give Michael Carafelli our huge thanks for giving us permission to work from his original events feed code base that he wrote for Arecibo Radio. We’d also like to thank Virdian Forge for renovating that code base to serve our nefarious wholesome community building purposes.

Formalities aside, we hope that this tool will help build the connections that make everyone in ChipWIN such amazing folk. To whit, your help will let us make the Events Calendar the best thing it can be.  Right now, the system polls a list of known Facebook groups for upcoming events.  We’ve got a good start, but please use the form at to tell us about a relevant page that we have missed. You can also use the it to tell us about events that don’t have their information up on Facebook, or aren’t tied to a particular Facebook group. Of course, the ChipWIN team will be vetting these submissions to ensure they’re in some way related to Chiptune, VGM, or Nerdcore music.

You’re in good hands.

Also, what’s this? Viridian Forge has updated The ChipWINdex to look slightly less awful!

Screenshot - 07152015 - 04:21:16 PM

He’s still adding albums to this as he learns of them (you can help here!), and trying to find time to add incredibly important functionality to all the things.  Things like — visuals that don’t look awful on mobile and maybe a speedier back-end for the WINdex.

To top it off, if you haven’t clicked over to our homepage recently, you should probably do that! It got a pretty good aesthetic update recently, featuring a couple more links + a signup bar at the bottom for our brand new newsletter, The ChipWIN Gazette!

This sign-up bar in particular.

This sign-up bar in particular.

So hold on to your butts ChipRealm, because we’re sure we’ll continue finding new and interesting ways to keep the spice flowing!


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Stokin’ the Forge – ‘The Blossoming Years’ by MmcM

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A pleasant the end of May to one and all of the ChipWIN nation! This month, it was my distinct pleasure to review ‘The Blossoming Years’ by Russian artist MmcM.  This Ubiktune release is a collection of his early works, spanning 1999 to 2001.  Mmcm composed all but two of the tracks on the album using a ZX-Spectrum and ProTracker 3.  Mikhail Ivashenko and Oleg Nikitin each contributed a remix to the album, in the way of ‘Bugs in My Mind‘ and ‘Changeability‘ respectively.

Mmcm's Blossoming YearsThis album is truly epic in scope, weighing in with a hefty 24 tracks.  I really enjoyed and appreciated most of the tracks that are here, but I can only give a fitting review to just a handful of them in the space I have.  As such, these are the four tracks that were my absolute favorites on the collection.  By no means does that mean the other twenty aren’t worth checking out.  They are, and I encourage you to take your own listen, and find your own, be it four or all of them.  With that out of the way, let’s dive in.


‘Celt-tunes = WIN’ Full Review

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here again to intro another lovely multi-writer full review of our latest compilation, ‘Celt-tunes = WIN‘! Got four different writers on the glorious task this time, bouncing around from track to track to share their thoughts on this delightful collection of tunes. What are you waiting for? Get to readin’! #Cheers

Celt-tunes = WIN (more…)