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This month in The Overworld: Vault Kid

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This month’s featured artist was born and raised in East Fresia, Germany. Which is a small coastal region, very close to the border with the Netherlands, and famous for its tea culture. Keno, a.k.a. Vault Kid has a long record of creating EDM jams that goes back all the way to 2012, and through his college years this habit remained strong. Suddenly, in 2016, the event of finding out about Chiptune changed his creative path forever. Let’s hear what this producer of catchy tunes has to say about our beloved music style.

Vault Kid holding his sonic weapon of choice.


This Month in The Overworld: Hyper Foofie

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This month’s artist is as skillful with words as he is with music. An artist that loves to experiment with different types of artistic expression, and a designer at heart, he often dazzles everyone with his ability to communicate his enthusiasm, verbally and visually. It’s pretty clear from his social media profiles that he takes Chiptune seriously, and it’s very refreshing to see such an unbridled enthusiasm.

Hyper Foofie playing live. Photo by Juan Manuel Gomez Loaiza.

His first album was titled ‘Bomb Crusader’ and his friends influence is definately felt on his latest album, named ‘Blaster Raster’, after a lifelong connection that he shared with a rastafari that endured a life threatening motorcycle crash.


8bitLA Announcements: 8bitLA One Year Anniversary, SHADOWTRAVEL tour, WeeBBQ, and 8-bit Battle Royale

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Howdy, Carbon based lifeforms! While I have certainly been staying rather productive here on the ChipWIN blog — whether it be covering super rad events that I have had the pleasure of attending with awesome co-writers (like this event here!) or reviewing super rad albums (here’s my latest!) — I’ve yet to use the blog as an outlet for announcement. As I’m heavily rooted in the chip scene in LA (which also includes being actively involved in 8bitLA), we’re coming up on some HUGE (and I mean GIGANTIC) milestones within our own little community. First order of business? 8bitLA just recently had our one year anniversary! Started by Kevin Martinez and Jesse Avila, 8bitLA was birthed from the never forgotten ashes of Obsolete. The team currently consists of los jefes, Rob Duffy (Cyclops Rock), Terence Calacsan (Here Between You Me), Jamie Cristal, Tim Abad and myself—and to think, many of us were brought on in August or later!

shadow travel

Where: Los Globos (3040 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026) When: June 1, 2014 9 PM How Much: $10 21+; $15 18-20

Second order of biz? THE SHADOWTRAVEL 7” RECORD RELEASE TOUR. Making stops in New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, San Francisco and my very own home in LA, Nullsleep, Starpause and Stagediver are hitting the road to coincide with their recent 7” releases on Radiograffiti. Accompanied by San Diego’s legendary Trash80 (seriously, I still can’t pick my jaw off from the floor because of this AMAZING lineup), and visuals by 8bitLA’s Tim Abad, the four of them will be stopping at Los Globos in Silverlake June 1. If you happen to be around the area (and are 18+), this is certainly a show you must NOT miss.


8bitLA’s second annual 4th of July BBQ, this year now coined as ‘WeeBBQ’, will be taking place this upcoming Independence Day! As this is a very nostalgic and meaningful event to me (this was my first legitimate chip show), I certainly recommend making it out to this event. As we are all in the works of planning this splashin’ event and working logistics out, feel free to contact 8bitLA if you’re interested in attending this party. Food, pool, chiptune, good fun, and NO PANTS will be things that are happening!

8bit battle royale

Where: Art Share-LA (801 E 4th Place, Los Angeles, California 90013) When: July 5, 2014 How Much: $10, all ages

Last, but certainly not least? 8-Bit Battle Royale. Modeled after the Scott Pilgrim amp vs. amp battle, 8bitLA will be curating an event at the Art Share L.A. venue with installation art from participating Ultranimbus artists on July 5! As giant monsters have made their way up from a rift on the Pacific Ocean’s floor, monsters are wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Angeles, and it’s up to the tag team of chiptune bands (1000 Needles, crashfaster, Buried for a Day, Wizwars, Chalkboards, Here Between You Me, Slime Girls and Cyclops Rock) to send those monsters back to the Earth’s core! If you’re interested in coming, click on this link! But let me tell you, things are going to get a little shaky this summer!

That’s all folks! Professor Oakes signin’ off!


Shadowtravel 7″ Tour: Facebook event

WeeBBQ: Link to come (follow 8bitLA on Facebook for more info!)

8-Bit Battle Royale: Facebook event 

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