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ChipWIN Comps Historical Context: Year One

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ChipWIN Comps Historical Context: Year One

Sooooooo, what was going to be a week-long series of social media posts giving brief historical context on five years of our compilation series (a little hype leading up to Friday’s V.6 launch if you will) just turned into a week-long series of blog posts featuring such. Why? Simple: there’s no word limit here. ಠ‿↼ And boy howdy, can I write a lot about this gorram project; especially this core facet of it.

Read on below the jump if you dare.

ChipWIN Comps: Year One


ChipWIN Tracks: #35 – #39

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Sup y’all? Hoodie here. Looks like it’s my turn to take a spin at the multi-track Volume 1 write-ups. Woohoo! =D My five are a little further in on the album, but by no means suffer in quality and/or badassery because of such. In fact, they may be some of the best tracks on the entire release!

Track #35: Algoorithm (Chris Algoo) – While We Can, Party

Chris’ groovetastic entry to volume 1 is three minutes & fifteen seconds of various bleeps and bloops, hard hitting bass, & tasty drum samples, all geared towards making the body move. The perfectly named track comes from his debut album “Robotropolis”, which was directly inspired by his personal experiences at Blipfest 2011. Having made it to that fantastic party myself, I can completely understand the desire to create something awesome after coming home from it. It’s largely how this entire project came to be after all. ;)

Track #36: Cartoon Bomb – Earthworm Facts

Cartoon Bomb’s contribution to this compilation is FAR dirtier than anything worms could ever be found wriggling in; there’s a dark, sexy vibe to this track, no doubt about it. If you listen closely you can totes hear the “worms” moving around in this track via the interplay of the various interweaving melodies. Such a fun track! Seriously, this is an artist I’d really like to hear a good album’s worth of music from (only sporadic single track releases on his Soundcloud & such thus far). Although if I know Will he’s busy with a million different other projects as well. Maybe one of these days.

Track #37: Da Pantz – Real In The Field

And then we have this wild ass entry by Da Pantz! Seriously folks, his submission is hands down the craziest collection of noises, samples, bleeps, & bloops on this compilation. Although wrapped tightly around a driving bassbeat the way they are, it all sums up to become quite the head nodding, toe tapping jam! Another artist I’m looking forward to hearing more from, even if it’ll have to be from his current alias Ricky Brugal, as Da Pantz is currently in stasis.

Track #38: Sam Mulligan – Secret

I remember quite vividly how I felt after listening to this track for the first time right after Sam submitted it. It was basically “WTF was that?!?” with the huuuuugest grin on my face. There’s no secret about it, Sam Mulligan is 100% guilty of writing some of the most delightful, wholly enjoyable, absolutely FUN music in all of chiptune, and this 1 minute & 21 second track is about as perfect of an example of that as it gets. Not to mention that Sam might very well be the nicest human being in the entire chipscene (deal with it, Sam! ♥).

Track #39: Stenobot – Shark Flower

Until I received this track, I wasn’t even aware that the chippy heart of Supercommuter had a solo project. In other words, I’m very glad Stenobot submitted this track!! This wonderful joytastic jam is easily one of my favorite tracks on Volume 1, & dare I say one of the most excellently composed tracks on it, period. Fun facts: the track is named after Stenobot’s young son, Julian’s, imaginary friend’s sister. Julian is also the one responsible for shouting out the track title with gusto in the midst of the song. Doesn’t get much more totes adorbs than this, folks.


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