The ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7’ Roster

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Edit: Volume 7 is LIVE! Get it here!

And the roster for ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7’ is… -insert ridiculous over-the-top drumroll likely composed by Adam Lankford here-

V.7 album artwork by Nate Horsfall of Yes, he is a minor deity. At minimum.

(In alphabetical order)
* = new challenger!

  • 4ntler*
  • 5% SODA*
  • AJAXE*
  • ap0c
  • Arcane Toaster*
  • Auxcide
  • Blake Inc.*
  • Bleeds*//Chipocrite
  • Blue Navi
  • Boy Meets Robot
  • Boy Without Batteries
  • Breakbeat Heartbeat
  • Brick BRKer & Rhyphte*
  • business pastel*
  • cactus.
  • ChronoWolf
  • Czyszy*
  • dachampster* & JANX
  • DEFENSE MECHANISM (feat. 4ntler)
  • don’tblinkoryou’lldie
  • DonutShoes (feat. Chunderfins & Drummond*)
  • Ello Costello*
  • Fark&Sacio
  • Galgox*
  • Graz
  • Guérin
  • Hexadecibel*
  • JammerC64*
  • Jamphibious
  • Karl Brueggemann*
  • Kartmaze
  • Knasibas
  • ko0x
  • laamaa*
  • Lute and Key
  • Megabit Panda*
  • Michael Okon*
  • Nanode
  • Petriform
  • Professor Shyguy
  • roboctopus
  • scythe*
  • Soleviio
  • stig
  • tirx*
  • Tobikomi*
  • transatlantic softball*
  • Watch Out For Snakes*
  • Zackery Wilson
  • ZBW*

Soundcloud Teaser #1:

Soundcloud Teaser #2:

Soundcloud Teaser #3:

Wanna hear the whole thing early? We’ve a Patreon tier for that…. (^_−)−☆

Promo Video:

V.7 Merch Bundle Pre-Orders (time limited, so order #SOON™!)

As always, it was extraordinarily hard to choose the 51 tracks from among the 166 submissions that came in during the V.7 process, but, as always, we did the very damned best that we could! Endless thanks and love to every single one of you for participating; even the trolls (especially that one cat… #ChiptuneJohnCage). It’s pretty amazing that this project is still rolling along full steam 7 years later. Onward and upward into the indefinite future! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Important note: per the usual, the Expansion Release roster curation starts NOW! If you’d like a chance to be considered for it, please continue to keep your submission private until the process is complete. After the e-mails are sent out for it by August 13th , an ALL CLEAR message will be broadcast via all ChipWIN social media on the following day, at which point all remaining artists will be free and clear to publish however they want with no consequences. [EDIT: this is already complete & all expansion artists have been contacted, so consider the ALL CLEAR live!]

Regardless of whether or not you made the roster, if you’d like to receive constructive criticism on your V.7 submission please request such via our form here.

And that’s it for now! Stay tuned in the coming days for the V.7 hype train to start choo choo-in’ down the tracks, which will culminate at the August 17th release party on! Best bet in the meantime is to follow along in our Facebook Community, Discord Server, and the Release Party Facebook Event, all three of which will be ground zero for all pending announcements!

Hope to catch ya there!ヾ(^∇^)

Much \m|x7|m/,
President Hoodie aka Brandon L Hood
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

Relevant links:
Release Party Facebook Event | Soundcloud Teasers – #1, #2, #3 | Promo Vid |
V.7 Merch
Constructive Criticism Request Form | ChipWIN Patreon <– pls support to help grow the project! 
☆ ~(‘▽^人)

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