The time is nigh… FOR CHIPTUNES = WIN: VOLUME 5!!!!!

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[[[Edit: album RELEASED! Check out the embed at the bottom of the article or just click here!]]]

That’s right, folks! Today is the day. The day that we release ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5’ into the wilds of Bandcamp!


You’re not, but that’s okay. We’ve got you. ヾ(^∇^)

Volume 5 Album Artwork

Album artwork by Nate Horsfall of

Join us for the release party tonight at 7pm Central on Sam Mulligan’s Nerd Rock Radio streaming radio PARTY via! Stream it here, party alongwith us in #ChipWINChat on here!

In the meantime, get hyped up with all of the following delightful promo goodness! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Promotional Video:

Soundcloud Teaser #1

Soundcloud Teaser #2

Limited Time Merch Pre-Orders:

Pre-order at!

Pre-order at!

Hope to catch you all at the delightful insanity that will be tonight’s release party! Bring your best chair dancing shorts!
~(˘▾˘~)└|゚ε゚|┐〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜┌|゚з゚|┘ (~˘▾˘)~

Much \m|x5|m/,
President Hoodie aka Brandon L Hood
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

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