The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘2011’ by WMD

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Happy October, folks!

Just as the month comes to an end, I bring to you a cool little surprise.  Released on September 29, WMD is combining their ability to create atmospheric sound textures and presenting a record paired with straight up chiptune.  It’s been quite a while since something like this has been released, and judging by the comments on their Bandcamp, I’m not the only one excited about it.

Album cover for WMD’s ‘2011’. Credit: Bandcamp

Still containing awesome sound design and music to think to, though, the record is something people have been waiting on for quite a while.  Made with a combination of Famitracker, LSDJ, and Ableton, the album is nothing short of the usual beautiful WMD release.

Containing chopped vocals and hard panned sawtooth arpeggios, ‘Decay’ is fun and adds a bit of dance to the record. I really liked the portamento synth lines that pass through sections.

‘Svelte’ is what is classic WMD to me: Atmospheric pads and melodies flow in and out and remind me of the first time I heard a record by them.   This track’s guitar is pretty beautiful and adds a human element to the album.

My favorite track off the album is definitely ’17’.  I found it to be wonderfully unpredictable, yet still melodic. I often find myself admiring WMD’s ability to make me lose focus on everything that doesn’t matter and focus on enjoying music in the present moment.

I hope you all like the record as much as I did.  For those on the northwest coast, you can find WMD playing live on November 3rd at The Shakedown in Bellingham, Washington.  I’m curious to follow up on this to see what their setup is.

Until next time,
The Unicorn Princess

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