The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Do Not’, a score by Parallelis

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I love recording digging; it’s what I do to find something new to listen to, but like with everything in life, I’m picky. I get bored easily and obsess over the same few albums relentlessly — I’m selective with where I go and I do the things that I like. While I listen to a lot of music, it takes something special to really grab my attention. I’m generally drawn towards music that tells a great story, with sounds that catch my interest. I’m always trying to educate myself with what I hear, and when I was digging through the ChipWINdex, it was the score of ‘Do Not’, by Parallelis that caught my attention.


I have not watched the movie that this score goes to, because I haven’t found it. Scoring to visuals is a specific type of art – it takes a composer who is able to view visuals or hear a story and express what’s going on in the plot with music and sound. Given the fact that I haven’t seen the movie, I will say that each track has a specific feel to it — everything is cohesive and flows well with each other. There’s an eerie but beautiful vibe, complete with soundscapes that gave me the chills as I pictured barren fields, forests and loneliness.

Parellelis is Jesse Rolfe from Red Hook, NY, and currently studying at Ithaca College. I really, really dig his music. In recent years, his releases have moved from straight-up LSDJ chipmusic into more ambient fare with chip being one element of his overall sound, which this album reflects. My favorite track off this release is ‘[do not look at the sky]’, which starts off with beautiful pads that morph into soft melodies, with an awesome synth that pans interestingly with what sounds like a stereo delay, or reversing and chopping clips. The piano comes in: dark, lower register notes that fit the mix perfectly (I always find that piano can be tricky to mix, depending on the register of notes used, but I think it just works, as is). The next track picks things up a bit rhythmically (this one is called ‘isolate/youth’); percussion samples are added, sounds are panned hard left and right, leaving space for echoing melodies. I’m actually a huge fan of tracks that have as much space — if Jesse preforms live sets, these tracks would be great to work off of or to add to.

Parallelis’ music is unique; it’s ambient, uses chip sounds as textures, and flows seamlessly. Another artist he reminds me of is WMD. The short film ‘Do Not’ is by Jon Roberts, and was released in May 2015. The title of the movie in and of itself gives the vibe of something very foreboding (the perfect name for a psychological horror film). I’m all about scoring to visuals, and I hope ‘Do Not’ is released to the public soon!

I feel fortunate to have listened to this Parallelis release – it was calming and perfect for listening during the soon to be transition from summer to fall, and I encourage everyone to keep an eye on his future albums and scores!


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