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Happy March, folks!

Spring marches forward and the month is quickly coming to an end. Between the extra hour, change of sunlight, and good music, I’m feeling pretty good. This month, I wanted to share an album with the ChipWIN community that was brought to my attention by President Hoodie called ‘Hue’, by MYRONE.  While the album is not chiptune, anyone into tracker programming can easily appreciate programmed synths and acknowledge the time spent in recording, mixing, and playing instruments, especially guitar.

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I am just encountering MYRONE for the first time thanks to President Hoodie sharing the album around the water cooler, and with how strongly its stuck in my mind, I’m glad he did. This album uses synthesizers, clever sound elements, and guitar to give off a retro and atmospheric vibe. Growing up listening to guitar virtuosos, like Joe Satriani, I cultivated a love for the storytelling aspect of solo guitar albums. That being said, this album really resonated with me, and I bet it will for others.

‘Untitled’ kicks off the album with a sing-song guitar lead paired with warpy synths that simply sound great together. It’s the type of track you can sing back; the guitar surely does the talking with its memorable melodies.

Hometown’s chord structure is cool and unpredictable, and I was excited to hear what leads the guitar would play over the main chord progression’s tensions. The percussion keeps it all in check with a consistent beat, and the tremolo bar adds an a necessary twang to make this track really sing in a way that creates a storytelling melody, and exhibits great musicianship. This track reminded me of a demo that could have been on the Raspberry Jam record by Jason Becker, and made me wonder what influences MYRONE had growing up.

‘Safe’ is my favorite track off the album. It’s probably apparent from previous reviews, but I love melodies that harmonize. So much of the music I grew up listening to had this element and to this day, if a track has a beautiful melody that harmonizes, it’ll be my favorite.  The melodies are super memorable, and I love that every time they reappear throughout the track, the phrases morph to solos throughout. The track’s harmonies work so well and to me, the track sounds like summer in California. Listen to the entire track; you’ll be humming it back by 2:13.

The tone of MYRONE’s guitar on ‘Comfort’ is bright and the tone reminds me of the sound of the John Petrucci 7 string Music Man pickups.  The sound itself of the guitar really made the song, though the octave harmony was probably my favorite section. The fadeout of the track is classic; I love this type of production at the end of guitar tracks.

I hope you all give this album a listen, and if your pockets allow it, a purchase.  Heck, MYRONE, I would love to do a guitar track with you.  I think you will all really love this record, and I hope you all continue to follow MYRONE through their musical journey.

Until next time,

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