The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘I Just Want to Go Home, Why is that so Difficult?’ by Spaceman Fantastiques

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Happy July, everyone!

Social media has its ups and downs and this month’s blog post will focus on one of its positives: this past month has brought to my attention yet another Spaceman Fantastiques release! ‘I Just Want to Go Home, Why is that so Difficult?’ is an exploration of sound and music used to describe the issues of traveling via plane when you just want to be with your family.  Filled with lo-fi grit, sampling, and on location ambience, Spaceman Fantastiques has a knack for creating poignant narrations through music and sound.


Anyone who has ever entered an airport has most likely had some sort of issue prior to or after traveling. Either your luggage was lost or your flight was delayed, or it was even cancelled. If you’ve had only positive travel experiences or have never flown before, you now have the chance to live vicariously through this record for the low, low cost of $5 (or a higher donation).

‘and now we wait…’ is a track just over 14 minutes long containing airport ambience audio, pianos that seem to speak in melodies, beautiful drones, and synth-heavy leads. I think the part I absolutely adored the most was how the filtered out drums stayed filtered as the synth leads held their own without that filter applied. It definitely added vibrant textures that made the track really stand out. I was so happy when these elements revisited me later in the track, though it didn’t stop me from playing certain parts on repeat.

I read the name of the next track (‘waking up on the plane after an hour nap only to find you haven’t gone anywhere and now they want you to get off the plane’) just as the first chord of the track hit, I couldn’t help but laugh. This is the trip from hell. The diminished piano and the name of the track reveal it all. This song evolves to noisey waves of bit-crushed beats and a sense of calm that only hits us when our bodies are exhausted.

The names of these tracks are too good and keep getting better. ‘being told to go talk to customer service so you can get your flight changed, and while you are waiting in line (in which you left the terminal to do) you get a call from the airline that says your flight is leaving now’ starts off with a percussive 808 sample-style lo-fi beat, teamed up with a bass that never gets old and a melody that stays calm despite a stressful situation. I am convinced that this whole album would be so great if brought to visual form — I keep picturing an animation of a stick figure man wearing a pork pie hat, holding a suitcase, all while this album scores his journey.

‘calm before the shitstorm’ creates the perfect scene of being in a cab, on time, en route. Maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s really early in the morning. This is what I pictured. This track is teamed up with guitar and piano with panning reverb decays. Surely with a track this pure one wouldn’t think the upcoming day of traveling was about to be so monstrously horrible.

I really love Spaceman Fantastiques’ music. I’ve reviewed it before (somewhat recently!) and it is very enlightening to hear so many releases in such a short amount of time from one artist with such high quality (you can find other recent release here and here). Given that this album was clearly influenced by a negative scenario, it just goes to showcase Spaceman Fantastiques’ unique ability to be able to take an everyday situation and turn it into something sonically beautiful. To me, it’s like a form of magic. I hope everyone grabs this album and takes a peek at the others that Spaceman Fantastiques has to offer. They are all beautiful.

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