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Happy October, folks. I hope you are all well.

Every month that I write these blog entries, I can’t believe how quickly the year flies by. Up in New York City, we’re partly settled into fall; the leaves are barely starting to change colors, and the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. I’ve always regarded autumn to be a time of renewal, and the soundtracks I listen to during this time of the year tend to remain the most nostalgic to me throughout the year.  That being said, we have been blessed with a new WMD album, entitled ‘Reminisce’ and I do believe this one will stay with me in future seasons, taking me right back to the memories of this October.


‘Reminisce’ album cover, by WMD

WMD is one of my favorite artists that I’ve found in this little realm of the digital music world. With his own style of blending airy synths with guitar and the occasional pitch shifted vocal, all of his music is so distinctively written by him. This is an artist who has truly found his voice.

Photograph credited to WMD


Track two off the record gives us a little percussive kick to shoot us off to the rest of the record. I love loops that never get old; so much of the music I listen to is loop based and there is something about repetition that puts me into this state of meditation. ‘Cymbidium’ uses the tools found throughout the record; clean guitars, well thought out percussion, and side chain compression lead the way for this one.

‘Moments’ made me cry. I resonate a lot with guitar; it’s my childhood and my present, and something about this track sort of gave me the auditory hug I needed. I love the simplicity of the progression of this one; the break down with bending guitar notes and piano is beautiful, and I would have a hard time believing this track wasn’t about a moment special to the writer.

I loved the entire album, but one of my favorite tracks off of it is the final one off the record, ‘July’.  Sort of warpy sounding and defined by melodic bells, this song is a sway-in-your-seat-with-your-eyes-closed track. Controlled distortion and delays from panned guitars and pitch shifted  vocals coming in and barely noticeable, the album is the perfect good-bye ’til next time.




I strongly encourage anybody who has a lot on their mind and some time to spare to play this record by yourself. You can even buy a physical copy of the album here (I just bought a copy and you should, too). This record allowed me time to process and left me feeling comforted. Music is a beautiful thing, folks, and WMD has made it yet again.

Until next time,

The Unicorn Princess

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