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Happy December, folks!

Back in November of 2015, I had the pleasure of talking with Joshua Faulkner and Daniel Romero of the Salt Lake City super synth duo known as Conquer Monster. Their album, ‘Metatransit‘, had just been released the previous month in October, and on top of being incredibly sound design savvy with a variety of instruments, synthesizers, and a C64 on their album the group also performs live and focuses a good portion of their time on reeling listeners in with visuals. Debuting on December 11, 2017, the group has taken one of their tracks ‘Posthuman’ from ‘Metatransit’ and created a retro video featuring the artists in a 90s point-and-click inspired video game.



Conquer Monster playing live in May, 2017. Credit: Jared Dayley

I’ve been a fan of Conquer Monster since 2015, and was super honored when Joshua let me preview this video prior to release.  Beginning in the style of a video game title screen, the video offers either a one or two person player option and scrolls through between various characters. For a two player selection, we can ‘choose’ between Joshua and Daniel, J-Faulk and D-Rom, and T. Hammer and Skully. The video chooses Joshua and Daniel, and the visuals glitch out and show their characters’ skill levels. The incentive of the game? To destroy and locate the stolen documents maliciously stolen by Maltronix Industries.

From the get-go, Conquer Monster is kind of screwed; they are tricked into believing the documents they quickly find are legitimate, and Dr. Maltron traps them into a creepy basement, conveniently containing a forgotten synth. Using super fire powers, Joshua burns open an exit, and both he and Daniel wander through. With the help of a Powerglove and a keycard, they continue their adventure to gain access to a control room with more electronics, and Dan is quickly electrocuted by the synth.

Navigating Maltronix Industries, the pair realize they can utilize everything from personal super powers, various trinkets they find (cassettes, disks, etc.) to enable synths, open a portal, and attack Dr. Maltron while planning an escape right as Maltronix Industries is crumbling to the ground.

My take on the video? I thought it was brilliant and I loved it. Besides the music, one of my favorite things about CM is their ability to recognize how important visuals are in the music industry. Between dressing in really well thought out, coordinated outfits and creating aliases to match different personas, the pair have also taken it upon themselves to post up cool photos that really make their musical aesthetic shine out. I, personally, thought the idea of creating an interactive and nostalgic video that showcased great music made by retro gear was both completely original and creative. Alongside this, creating a world within their own and various adventures alongside their music is both unique and attention grabbing. It was also endearing to me to hear a track off of ‘Metatransit’ again. You can listen to the track ‘Posthuman’ below, as well:


Conquer Monster has a lot of cool people surrounding them who helped make this video a reality. CM wrote and performed all music, created the concept, and editing alongside special effects were also created by them. Filming was done by Jacob Faulkner. On set help was by Sarah Faulkner and Jacob Faulkner. This video starred Joshua Faulkner and Daniel Romero, and featured special guest, Jacob Faulkner, as Dr. Maltron. Tanner Hawkins performed as ‘Toasty!’.

Conquer Monster, featuring by J-Faulk and D-Rom. Credit from




I always get so pumped whenever I see that these two are out performing live or creating new media for their fans. I hope that everyone takes time to check this video out and to give ‘Metatransit’ another listen, or a first, if you haven’t checked it out before. And, if you live in Salt Lake City, you have to check these guys out any time they play out.

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