The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Trashmoods’ by DELTANOYZ

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Happy August, folks!

I had the pleasure of having my musical horizons wonderfully broadened mid-August thanks to our ChipWINdex. The heat in my NYC apartment has been getting to me lately; there doesn’t seem to be enough rain to cool down the planet, and I simply desperately needed something to get my mind out of that perpetual pressure cooker. DELTANOYZ is an artist from Saint Hyacinthe, Québec, and their most recent album, ‘Trashmoods, is good enough to get you out of one. Stick around to hear a few tracks off the release; I think you’ll like it as much as I do.

Album art for ‘Trashmoods’.

Logo art for DELTANOYZ

To me, DRV is mysterious and calm: It’s the luxurious feeling of the privilege of spacing out in a passenger’s seat during long car rides.  Quick slap delays on percussion and reverbs on synths team up to  produce one of those songs that is so perfectly put together that while it is technically repetitive, you’ll never notice because it’s  something you’ll never get sick of.  1:03 provides a lot of texture variation; I found myself going back there multiple times to listen because each time I do, I seem to like how it all fits even more.

Treeser is my favorite track off the album.  It’s melodic lines are beautifully unpredictable, meshing wonderfully with all other track elements. If there were ever to be some sort of modern Romeo and Juliet play with 80s sci-fi backdrops and renaissance clothing, this would be the perfect score for it. I’m picturing the couple sending out their holographic bodies to visit each other when their families forbid them to, and their coding getting hacked by the same families.

If you haven’t caught on yet, this album is eclectic. TRIN offers insight into the wide variety of compositional tricks up DELTANOYZ’s sleeve. Upbeat, dark, and powerful, this track is not only exciting, its a pleasant surprise to follow up after so many downtempo tracks. I pictured DELTANOYZ to be a lot like me as a teen; metal records and game soundtracks being the only thing on our musical rotation.

Zeem ends the album, and begins with lush pads.  Later accompanied by moving bass lines and punchy melodies that later find their harmonic counterpart, this track has quite a bit of variation for it just being two and a quarter minutes long.  I very much like tracks that end with just percussion.  It gives off the vibe that everything was built over the drums, and I think this one ends quick enough to give me hope that there is more on the horizon to be released.

In the end, two words came to mind while listening to this album: ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘eclectic’.  There’s something here for everyone and I think others in and out of the community will enjoy focusing their attention on DELTANOYZ.  I’d love to see them come to the states for a show in NYC and hope that this review helps inspire that to happen.  Please keep an eye out for more music by DELTANOYZ and be sure to pick up your digital copy of Trashmoods!

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