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‘Spacetunes = WIN’ is LIVE! Engage it here:

Sup, Chip-stronauts?ヾ(^∇^)

It is well known within the Chipth Dimension™ that many of us among our musical collective are particularly enthralled by the mysteries of the cosmos; mention astronomy and/or cosmology around a bunch of chip nerds and you’ll see what I mean with a quickness.

Yet somehow, there inexplicably remains an unexplored dark void in the space themed chiptune compilations quadrant.

Until now.

Presenting our debut “outer space” themed compilation, ‘Spacetunes = WIN’!

This cosmic comp will feature *31* brand new spacetunes from the following stellar remnants:

  • Awesome Force
  • cTrix
  • Chunderfins (feat. CarboHydroM)
  • LePlancton
  • Breakbeat Heartbeat
  • Brick BRKer
  • Auxcide
  • DonutShoes & 3xBlast
  • Dya
  • Blue Navi
  • Petriform
  • Themnotyou
  • H-Mister
  • BinaryCounter
  • J▲M▲T▲R
  • Immortan
  • Watch Out For Snakes
  • Spaceman Fantastiques
  • JammerC64
  • Purely Grey
  • Shadrew
  • Kartmaze
  • She Wants The D-Pad
  • Polygon Horizon
  • WillRock
  • Meganeko
  • don’tblinkoryou’lldie
  • Rhyphte
  • Jon Greco of Weird At Last
  • Totality

‘Spacetunes = WIN’ is set to release on Sunday, March 10th after an online release party hosted by everyone’s favorite Interstellar Shark Donut, Sam Mulligan! Starting at 4:00pm Eastern, catch the livestream on Sam’s Twitch and join the chat in our Discord Server. In the meantime, make sure to invite ALL THE FRIENDS to our online party via the Facebook Event here. Until then…

See you Space Cowboy. 🚀 ✨

Much \m|♥|m/,
Brandon L. H. aka “President Hoodie”
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

P.S. I apologize absolutely zero(°K) for any & all outer space puns & references made during the preparation and release of this compilation. #SryNotSry

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