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Heya ChipWINners! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ʷᵃᵛᵉˢ

Brandon here to quickly introduce a special double dose of collaboration on our blog. Namely, a writing team-up between ViridianForge and Glenntai to review our aptly named Vol. 7 collaborative expansion compilation, ‘Tracked x ChipWIN’!

Dive into the quality read/listen below after enjoying the lovely artwork slideshow. #Bread

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Hi and hello there, ChipWINners one and all! What more can I say save that, yet again, we have another great expansion pack on our hands here. Tracked’s really killed it with their contributions, so let’s just dive right into this kaleidoscope of aural joy.

1.’MK-8001 S1′ by RRThiel x Motavian Raider

RRThiel and Motavian Raider bring the comp to life with a slow easy roll of a piece. Dreamy and hopeful, this upbeat bit of music is wholly enjoyable from two directions. You could throw this on and put a drink in your hand to simply unwind and enjoy the end of your day, or you could use this to warm your ears for the rockshow that’s about to come right at them.

2. ‘Redesign of an Evening’ by Zanate

A gorgeous combination of chiptune and summer guitar, ‘Redesign of an Evening’ keeps the flow from ‘MK-8001 S1’ rolling right along. Building from from a feel of kicking back in the yard and enjoying a sunset, the theme grows triumphant and bold. Its an energy that encourages one to look at a good day and not be satisfied until its great. Then, and only then, can you truly kick back and be self satisfied.

3. ‘Warp Star’ by Pitfall

With its echoing bleeps, and spacey soundscape, ‘Warp Star’ bridges a transition from the evening into gorgeous twilight. As the whole of the instrumentation swells to life, there is an otherworldly majesty laid out before your ears, as if the whole of the galaxy has been laid bare to see in all of its wonder. Hope and curiosity abound in this track, and a functionally infinite expanse in which to engage it.

4. ‘Apogee’ by Kubbi

The first of the expansion’s bonus tracks, Kubbi continues to fail to dissapoint. This track builds on all the inspiration and gentle encouragement of the previous tracks to rocket you right out into the greater adventure directly. Its driven rhythms and undeniable beat can take you right to the very height of whatever you choose to accomplish.

5. ‘Crossroads’ by BinaryCounter

‘Crossroads’ manages that unique blend of taking the energy down from a powerful track while losing none of its pacing. Instead, BinaryCounter sends us gliding on with all of that built up energy, soaring into new realms of existence, stars streaking past. For a moment, an idyllic refrain reminds one of what has transpired, before soaring right back into new adventures to come.

6. ‘Thé Vert’ by LePlancton

LePlacton brings the guitar back to the instrumentation pallette, and brings the tempo back down to a reflective pace just long enough to get some air back into your lungs. An explosion of electric glory, energized by support arps kicks the listener right back into gear. Determination and grit flood the mind, energizing body and soul. Rest when needed, but never stop moving forward.

7. ‘A Fight You Can’t Win’ by Purely Grey

The title of this track speaks to me, and the music speaks to me even further within that vein. The underlying calm and meditative composition never yields, even as energy and strife rise up to drown it out and pull the ear away from that centrism. Keeping that center in the face of impossible odds is a victory in and of itself, and makes this track quite enjoyable.

With those sweet chips ringing in my ears, I’ll pass this on over to the amazing Glenntai to guide ya’ll through the rest of the tunes!

Or is it Glenntai? YOU’LL NEVER KN- yes, hi, I’m Glenntai. I’m here and I’m much better at giving opinions than coming up with jokes on the fly. But that’s enough of my rambling, let’s get into the music!

8. Choptone’ by CornetTheory

CornetTheory is breaking out the theory knowledge in Choptone, a general MIDI track that shows off a large amalgamation of genres encompassed under a big blanket of freeform jazz. There are a lot of different rhythms, melodic and accompanying melodic concepts to where it would make your head spin.  It’s safe to say that if you don’t have the ability to focus and shift from place to place like a monkey on a full pot of coffee, it’s easy to get lost. This track’s sporadic, unannounced and off-the-walls manner of changing up whatever it wants as it pleases manages to make it so you’re interested in listening to it again to try to follow along and figure it out. Just like it came into this world, it ends just as abruptly. While it was a very whirlwind of an introduction to CornetTheory; here’s to hearing what he comes up with next!

9. ‘Longfoot’ by Daemon9623

Moving onto a fast-paced 2A03 track, Daemon9623’s Longfoot has a lot of the manic sparkly aesthetic often heard in songs meant to seem excited and bright in nature. It’s not hard to imagine a combination between a race and a crazy skateboarding adventure through a land of happy things throughout this track. Full of energy and melodic exposition, this song keeps going and the rhythm keeps changing to maintain the same energy all throughout. Much like the imagined scenario, it keeps going without any breaks and lets you ride the solos for the song’s majority. Suddenly, there’s an abrupt ending, much like if you were to stop a record, fall down or stop running. Here’s to seeing how Daemon9623 develops their music in the future!

10. ‘Nutella Empire’ by exelotl

With a drum fill starting off the swinging intro to this track, Exelotl is earning a lot of groove points from me. The pulse instrumentation is pretty on-point, especially in each solo that comes along. Making a piece that repeats is no easy task. To make each part seem unique in their own form is a concept that many people struggle with. Fortunately, Nutella Empire has no problems making things interesting. Just as you expect what’s coming next, the song turns from a swinging 4/4 into a 6/8 waltz with a lot of the same concepts and instrumentation, although a lot more added flourish, using said techniques gradually throughout the song to make them more fitting when the change happens. This was a rad track from Exelotl and I suggest you check their music out.

11. ‘Orlando’ by LemonDrop

In a direct change from that on a copy of LSDJ, we have a song from an artist local to my neck of the woods reminiscing about an area we both have good memories of. Orlando is a unique and softer take on composing directly in LSDJ, but a welcomed one with the warmth and way the WAV channel really helps carry the mood through each part of the song. It’s interesting that the song starts off so glum before turning into this brighter track that almost seems hopeful and optimistic. It seems to suggest the turning point of some sort of question and then being able to enjoy the resolution. This is quite the warm and heartfelt tracks out of LemonDrop’s repertoire. Who knows what he’ll be up to next?

12. ‘Dancing With Hobbits’ by Jakk

Ah, Jakk, you say? That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time… or at least, if I were pretending to be an NPC in your typical RPG, you could expect me to say that. I’d then go on about the time we sleep-drunkenly came up with lore for a backstory on-the-fly after we worked on some strong EDM tracks for one of his albums. This time, the mad lad once behind the mask is back with a strong penchant for flare. Jakk brings out a track very true to its name of Dancing With Hobbits. There are clear Tim Follin vibes when it comes to the arpeggios, percussive notes layered atop of triangle slides, and galloping bass rhythms. Once you get to the explosive choruses full of swelling chords, Jakk brings it all together within chord progressions tried and true to the fantasy-adventure genre. Stay a while, and listen (on repeat.)

13. ‘Stratus’ by Jentu

If you had to follow up that song with anything, and close out an album, Jentu’s Stratus not only succeeds but sets a standard to look for when it comes to conclusive songs. With a crescendo of piano, string, woodwind, brass and mallet instruments opening with a short introduction, we’re right into an upbeat rock piece. The lead is several pulse wave leads with accompaniment on top of the aforementioned instrumentation playing underneath, all with a very clear and present drum kit percussion. Each specific segment of styles in this song really stands out as almost its own track, despite being mere segments of a larger piece. To point out a single thing I like about this track would be outrageously disrespectful to every other thing I like about this track. It’s a shining example of great composition and great instrumentation in a powerful production. This track is excellent in each way you could define such a word.

With that, it appears we’ve made it to the end of this expansion. What a ride that was! With no more music to listen to, you could either listen to it again or perhaps check out one of the many other collections of excellent chiptune we have on our bandcamp! Maybe you’ll see one of us talking about one of your tracks in an article someday? Only time will tell, so until then, I’ll see you… in a bit.

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