Volume 4 merch bundles = LIVE!!!!

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After much blood, sweat, & tears (more like lulz, grins, and beers ;), the Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4 merch bundles are live!!!

As always, they include a fantastic shirt(s) + epic buttload of other lovely goodies, & all for way too fair of a price. Because ChipWIN, Pixie Maddie, & Nate “Mad Max” Horsfall = love ya!! ♥ ^_^ ♥

All 5 Shirts

Volume 4 Sexy Shirt Choices

Get the full details on the V.4 merch bundles via the following brightly colored links:

1 Shirt Bundle: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/merch/time-limited-volume-4-bundle-1-unisex-t-shirt

2 Shirt Bundle: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/merch/time-limited-volume-4-bundle-2-unisex-t-shirts

3 Shirt Bundle: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/merch/time-limited-volume-4-bundle-3-unisex-t-shirts

4 Shirt Bundle: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/merch/time-limited-volume-4-bundle-4-unisex-t-shirts

5 Shirt Bundle: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/merch/time-limited-volume-4-bundle-5-unisex-t-shirts

And, of course, nab the fantastic V.4 compilation here: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/album/chiptunes-win-volume-4

Much \m|♥♥♥♥|m/,
President Hoodie aka Brandon L Hood
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN


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